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Hey guys I have been doing weights every so often and i havnt seen any change in my body, I been told that if I use creatine I will definetly see a change. Is this true and if so how exactly do I take it?
You take it after you workout with dextrose. So you get better absorbtion. Then 30 min later you take your Protein.
I would say give the Plasmavol a go, it's an awesome product.
I would suggest taking it before you train and then immediately after you train.
Be sure that you drink lots of water as well.
Best time to take creatine = postworkout. I would start with pure creatine monohydrate and then move up to a more advanced product with more ingredients/carbs.
if youve been working out and you see no changes you arent using enough intensity and/or are not eating right. eat lots of complex carbs with protein 5-6 times a day, on workout days after workout eat simple carbs + complex carbs + protein each meal, then on the off days eat mainly complex carbs and protein, u should be eating just under a gram of protein per lb of your bodyweight daily, so if you weigh 200lbs you should be eating almost 180grams of protein a day

try that diet with the weight program on click WORKOUT you should not need creatine supplement to gain muscle.
sorry i meant if youre lean, if youre 200lbs and you are fairly fat you wont be needing that much protein
once in awhile work out ?

Personally my opinion only once in awhile work outs dont cut it, no matter how much supps you take or what ever type of juice you use, its all about dedication, time spent per week in your weekly routine. Yes a fat man can get fater by sitting on a couch eating jelly donuts this is true but a man wanting to see good results in his physic needs full time dedication to see results part time dont cut it. Work alittle harder and you will see results. good supps good diet good workout great results. Bottom line. P.S. not trying to bust your balls. hope you get the idea.. Mad Dawg!!!:40oz:
I used creatine during football season, BIGGGG mistake.......I took the recommended amount, drank plenty of water and i got diareah and increadbly like cramps from hell. It's fine if your just lifting....If your going to use it use creatine out there.
Take CREATINE PYRUVATE, it is 5 times more efective and u just need to take it in the morning on the empty stomack 5g, no loadong needed. Cretine pyruvate as well burns fat and it does not ingrease the body weight. This is because it consist of 2 molekules cretine and pyruvate. Creatine monohydrate is good after training ,but not for all sports...expecially if u compete in weight categories. Creatine monohydrate will make u hevier as it contains 2 molekules which are creatine and water.