Lean dudes not gaining on cycle.


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I'm not a normal case but due to my issues droppomg from a height night weight of 188lbs, actually TRT mid dose of 100mg wk about 168-172lbs down to 154lbs with saggy skin.

To gain weight a nutritionist point blank told me to eat peanut butter sandwiches and drink with a glass of milk and asked if I was taking vitamins.

If you're lean and on a cycle thats a weight gain from a doctor to me so eat it. Like me keep your calories counted and always keep them. At my weight I've been told to hit 2,500 and see if I gain weight as an always lean dude. I just got 260 calories from 2 whole wheat bread slices and 360 cals from a whole PB ya need to stir because the oil. 620 calories with protein from the PB!!!!!