Current Cycle and Imformation for Newbies to AAS and AI usage


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Below see my cycle of Test E and Deca which is now 4-1/2 weeks in. Test started 1 week before Deca was introduced.
Revised the cycle from low Test dose of 300mgs wk to 600mgs wk. Gear is dosed at 300mgs both Deca and the Test.

Labs Natural: (age 65) Test 540ng/mL ... Estradiol 42pgmL two weeks before cycle start.

Current Cycle is below:
Wk 1-20 Test 600mgs wk split
Wk 1-18 Deca 600mg wk split
Wk 1-22 Arimidex ,25 EOD with dose changing as monitored by the sides. I will explain for some for the newer AAS users.
Personal reasons I have not introduced Hcg although it is advised in many cases.
Wk 22 or 23
40/20/20/20 Nolv
50/20/20/20 Clomid

General information on normal side effects:

My cycle seems to be coming along appropriately. My increased appetite and energy increased the first week. I am getting erections and libido are just over the top.
I have not done any on cycle labs but knowing the importance will do so very soon.
My experience of normal reactions and as with this cycle are: Within a day of my first injection I get a light ache in my testes, normal testicle shut down. By my next injection I did get sensitive nipples but nothing to worry about however since I am prone to Gyno and other Estrogen sides I take notice. My start AI dose of Adex was .25 EOD so even though all of the experiences are normal I changed my Adex to .125 ED so no lows and peaks. By the end of the 2nd week I started to lose my appetite and energy. This being and that I know, is a side effect of high Estrogen. I waited a few days to see if it was continuing. Yes it was, so I increased my Adex to .175 ED. Things got a bit better but still not where I was from the beginning and I began to lose some frequent and strong erections and again my nipples got real sensitive so I upped my dose to .20 ED.

Currently my AI is at .20 ED and things are going great. No problems to report and at 4-1/2 weeks I feel just a bit stronger not much. The usual effects as in strength do not come on till the 5 or 6th week for me. Strength I expect in the next 2 weeks close to the 6th week. Since I do not at this early time have the blood work I pay close attention to the way I feel and wait a few days to see that it is nott just a fluke or low day. Then I increase my Adex by extremely small amounts each time while self-assessment. Remember I have extensive cycle experience.

For the newbies to AAS I have given some examples for you to see that are quite normal while using exogenous testosterone, as in the testes, nipples, appetite, energy and erections/ libido. My nipples do and will get sensitive from time to time and lessen as the cycle goes. For me it comes with the territory and at the present I show no signs of Gyno, other then what I had already. Ai use is not just for Gyno as I have shown true life examples of some other high Estrogen side effects

As far as injections I will tell you what is normal and is so for me. 1 of my glute injections bled no problem. 1 or 2 in my delts got sore due to my lack of steadiness. I was real quick with one injection and noticed a little oil as I pulled out. NO problem. These are all normal things when sticking yourself with a needle and nothing to worry about. Get used to it and have no fear.
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