Cutting before a bulking cycle? Sum questions. . .


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Well, summer is approaching quickly and i wanna be pretty lean for the summer. I hold like 12%bf now, id like to b 9-10 for the summer. I was planning on cutting down to my prefered bodyfat percentage and then immediatly starting a bulking cycle, anti-e's included. Heres my questions :

B]A. [/B]If i eat nothing but healthy food as if i were dieting down for competition, but loaded up on it, would i stay lean throughout my cycle (which will last most of the summer)???

B. My first 2 shows i did naturally, but i dieted wrong and lost too much muscle. Im only looking to drop about 3%bodyfat (6lbs fat), not get into competition shape. Im also going to be using an ECA stack. I hear glutamine is a good muscle preserver. What suppliments would you recommend for me to start cutting naturally, without losing too much muscle?
A) I always stay leaner and less bloated when bulking clean
B)ECA or NYC, r-ALA 100mg per 50g carbs per meal

Even without those supplements, it all comes down to diet.
I have recently shifted my cals from 30/40/30 p/c/f when bulking to isocaloric, and have leaned up while keeping cals the same.
Don't want to get to become a fat kid, but I 12% ain't bad bro, but i think it's a good idea to lean out before bulking so you don't pile on too much fat when u do bulk. Good luck
I was thing about this the other day. It seems like it could work. If you go with it let us know what happens.