Cutting blast while intermittent fasting?


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Hey Gents,

Does anybody have experience with intermittent fasting while on a cutting cycle?

I use IF for longevity purposes and because it helps me stay lean while still enjoying larger meals. I prefer carb cycle while bulking. I'll be starting my lean bulk without gear this week. And now I'm thinking of doing a cutting cycle while IF to see how easy/hard it might be. I want to see how my body reacts. However, I would like some input from those with more knowledge

I'm considering a cutting cycle:

Week1-12 Test E @250mg x2 a week
Week 1-8 Primo Oral (Pharma) @100mg xED
HCG @500iu x2 a week
Adex @0.5mg EOD

First time running Primo. I chose this oral as it is readily available and doesn't cost as much as UGL orals. Call me lucky.

This is not going to happen until the end of summer. Even then things may change. I have to plan it out and make sure everything is on point.


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16/8 is what I do. Does it work? hell yeah. Now will it work for bulking? I have no idea. I only IF when I need to drop some bf.


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good to hear bro. How did you get injured? hope it wasnt something seerious.

Had minor surgery to remove benign tumors from my abdomen. 5 days later I suffered a massive hematoma and infection. They then opened me up hip to hip in order to irigate the area. They worried about another infection so they had me on IV antibiotics right up to the wounds healing (2 weeks).

Right now I'm trying to fix my gut health from being on antibiotics for so long. Brought my calories up to help with recovery. This means I've added fat and lost muscle. It's been a bit of a mental break from diet and training but I'm looking forward to getting back into it.

Another 2 months before I can do any ab work. Next week I can return to the gym. I'll focus on going through the motions without putting too much pressure on my core. I'm not allowed to stretch my core out either. Baby steps