Cutting cycle post cycle therapy (pct) diet help and advise :)


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Cutting cycle PCT diet help and advise :)

Hi guys,

Due to finish a cycle of primo, test prop, tren ace, anavar and clen and was looking for some diet advice

I've been eating a low carb (carbing up on a sunday) diet and about 300-400 calories under maintenance throughout the cycle, I've enjoyed some nice clean gains in muscle whilst shedding body fat. I've been running my fats higher due to low carbs, only carbs i eat are 50g of oats for breakfast, 50g of oats pre workout and 50g of oats PWO (opted out of my usual fast acting carb powder due to cutting) and any other carbs would come the veg i've been eating with meals

Typical days diet would look like this

breakfast 8am:
oats (with ground almonds)
multi source protein shake
multis, cod liver + sea kelp

snack 10-10:30am
tin of mackerel
whole almonds

lunch 12:30pm
250g extra lean beef mince or 250g of turkey breast
casein shake
150g of brocolli and/or cabbage
+sea kelp

snack 3:00-3:30pm
tin of tuna in sunflower oil

Pre workout 5:30pm
50g of oats
multi source protien shake /w taurine + bcaas
2 spoons natty almond butter

PWO 8:00pm
multi source protein shake /w bcaas
50g of oats

PWO meal
250g extra lean beef mince or 250g of turkey breast
150g of brocolli and/or cabbage

casein shake /w taurine
natty almond butter
multis, cod liver + sea kelp

I train monday, tuesday, thursday and friday and do 20 mins of HIIT cardio on these days (burning around 350 cals). on wednesday and sunday i do a low intesnsity jog before bed for about 25 mins

So my question is guys, during PCT I want to stay as lean as possible but obviously hold onto the mass gains i have made. Would you suggest eating slightly above maintenance and continuing doing cardio as normal? or eat at maintenance and cut the cardio or something else?

For reference my PCT will consist of
Low dose of clen (20-40mcg)
kre alkalyn
green tea extract
usual bcaas, multis and cod liver oils

Thanks in advance, hope someone can chime in and help me.

Any other info needed please ask