Proposed Cutting Cycle - Constructive criticism appreciated!


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Hi all I am going to be doing my first cutting cycle that will last 12-16 weeks. I would like some constructive criticism mainly on diet and anything else that could be done better, many thanks in advance.

Stats 5,8", 28 years old, 170lbs, 23% Bodyfat. I am not a bodybuilder I am into submission grappling along with weightlifting for strength/body com********** I have 5 cycles under my belt but never have done a cutting cycle i tended to do so much cardio between/during cycles that it was never really needed.

I have had some health issues that took around a year to overcome and over that time lost a lot of my previous gains and gained a lot of body fat. I am now ready to get back into the swing of things. I would like to get my body fat percentage around 10% if not into the single digits if that is actually possible in 12-16 weeks.

I have been easing my way back into weightlifting and cardio along with 16/8 IF protocol and also have been on the boiled egg diet with fasted cardio. I have worked my way back to an hour on the bike fasted and have been doing a 4 day upper lower split. I have lost around 15 lbs in the last 6-8 weeks but would like to give the cutting cycle ago to preserve what muscle I have left along with speeding the fat loss process up.

depending on bodyfat percentage I may increase the cycle to 16 weeks but I don't think that will be necessary.

the proposed cycle will consist of:

Test E 600MG per week - Weeks 1-12
Tren E 400MG per week - Weeks 1-10
Winstrol 50MG per day - Weeks 7-10
Clenbuterol Weeks 4+5 and 8+9
T3 Weeks 4-10 (is 7 weeks of T3 too long/too short etc?)

Clenbuterol dosage protocol:
Days 1-3 40mcg Clenbuterol
Days 4-6 60mcg Clenbuterol
Days 7-9 80mcg Clenbuterol
Days 10-12 60mcg Clenbuterol
Days 13-14 40mcg Clenbuterol
2 Week pause with the Clenbuterol and repeating this same schedule weeks 8+9

T3 dosage protocol:
Weeks 4-5 25mcg T3
Weeks 6-8 50mcg T3
Week 9 25mcg T3
Week 10 12.5mcg T3

I like IF 16/8 while eating clean during my 8 hour eating window but i am thinking maybe i eat 6+ meals per day (every 3 hours) and keeping the meals clean and keeping a 500-700 calorie deficit from maintenance calories.


1) What would be best for me diet wise out of the two above options or is there a better way of dieting for this cycle?

2) It is my first time running Clen and T3 so I have opted to start with smaller dosages while monitoring my BP and getting bloodwork done.
Are these dosages too low and a waste of my time or will I see good gains from these dosages?

3) If I can meet my weight loss goals mid way through the cycle would it be ok/effective to extend the cycle to 16-20 weeks and finish with a bulk/strength focus continuing the same AAS dosages dropping the clen and T3 and perhaps finishing with a 4 week run of Anadrol?

Sorry for the 10 million words, big thanks to anyone that read all of that and is able to give me some constructive criticism/tips etc.


No worries mate, thanks.

I also forgot to include I will be running the proper arimidex protocol along with keeping caber on hand and using it sparingly.

got flamed on evolutionary because the dude didn't read that im not a bodybuilder and lost all of my original gains from my previous cycles due to a year off due to injury etc. and then ofc got told you need to be able to grate cheese with your abs before being eligible for clen+t3 or AAS. LOL

followed by just take 4 sarms together including the rat cancer sarm and you will be fine, SMH...

so ill be experimenting a bit and listening to my body/BP and bloodwork. I aint spending another year to get back into shape when I can do it in 12 weeks and get back into competing, time is of the essence for me at this age lol.

will keep this thread updated, peace.
The only thing I really see is conflicting "cycles". Putting on mass takes an excess in calories to support the body actually building more muscles. Not necessarily get fat but gaining some.

My son in puberty has been in wrestling and lifting and had gained fat since last year. He did gain weight, loss fat but stalled out and ended up staying sore for days. His weight gain stopped amd he continued not listening to me tell him he needed to eat more. He actually has an up amd down weight change of up to 5lbs. Monday after the weekend he weighted the most and Friday after practice he weight the least. Stalled out in gains and almost under weight a couple times.
I can see a lot of stuff! Just be mindful that further research as this will be your first cycle is needed. If you need some professional advice, go to this link They can also give you professional advice there! They deliver US wide. They also offer 50% discount just type "DOM50". These guys out here helped me to get back on track! I'm not sure with a certain product and they generously helped me out with everything that i need before trying it out.