cycle criticue


I changed the cycle i was thinking of running this:

w 1-8 NPP 500mg 5x(mon-fri)
w 1-8 Masteron p 500mg and Masteron E 400mg 2x/w
w 1-2 Test P 200mg 3x(mon,wed,fri)
w 1-6 Test E 600mg 2x (mon,thu)
w 7-8 Test P 100mg 3x
w 2-5 HCG 500iu 2x and w/9-10 HCG 500iu 4x and HMG 75iu 2x,vitamin E 1000iu to enhance effect of HCG.

PCT:(aromasin 25mg/ed those weeks i run hcg/hmg and 1 week more)
first 10days of post cycle therapy (pct) clomid 150mg(clomid can mess up lh response)
and then 5weeks nolva 20mg/ed
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A little hard to read.

List it line by line...IE:

Week 1 to 10: 500mg of test
Week 1 to 10: 400mg of Deca