cycle help


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a few weeks back i posted a thread about my fina/eq cycle and i was told by many to add test to the cycle. my question is test prop was what i was told to take at 100mg eod, but i am having trouble gettin my hands on enough. so i was wondering if i could run sus at 250 or 500 mgs a week b/c i can get my hands on that. also if sus is a terrible idea, when i run the prop at 300-400 a week how many shots do i split that into and for how many weeks should i run it.

cycle as of now in early week 3: fina - 2 cc's 150mg 3x a week
starting eq 600 a week

also i was told to throw hcg in there and clomids at the end: what are the recommended dosages for those and when best to take the hcg

thanks alot