Cycle Log - Sustanon, Anadrol, and Tren


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Alright, so I created a thread a few weeks ago to get opinions on my next cycle and I have just started yesterday. Someone mentioned it would be neat to have a cycle log for this so I will try though honestly I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with it or not...

This is my fourth cycle and I am going slightly more aggressive this time but nothing too crazy. I am also trying out a new to me lab that came highly recommended by somebody I trust. I will be using test (Sust @ 250mg/mL), tren (ace @ 100mg/mL) and Anadrol (25mg tabs). I've used sust before and I used tren during one cycle as part of a mixture and apart from sweating a lot I didn't notice any negative sides. I definitely noticed increased aggression as well but I'm fairly level headed and was able to keep it under control. Anadrol will be the only new compound for me but I have used dbol, tbol, anavar, and winstrol.

There are a few things subject to change in this cycle depending on how I am feeling as I go and mid cycle blood work. The plan as of now is to use anadrol for four weeks, take a 4 week break, and then go back on it for four weeks. I know that this may not be necessary and I have had conflicting advise on the subject to this may change to simply a 4 week kickstart. I would also like to point out that this is the first cycle I have tried to plan out on my own without any help so if you see any problems with it please let me know but please do so in a constructive manner.

1) Sust will be frontloaded over 3 days (250mg Tuesday, 500mg Wednesday, 250mg Thursday). I have read a lot of conflicting information on front loading but I figured that the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot. Intuitively it makes sense that it will be a benefit and a lot of math that I don't feel like explaining went in to
determining that I was going to do it this way 250/500/250.
2) Sust will be injected 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) @ 200mg
3) Tren will be injected every other day @ 100mg
4) Anadrol will be 1 tablet (25mg) in the morning and 2 tablets (50mg) 2 hours pre-workout

Week 0 ........... Sust 250 @ 1000mg

Weeks 1-4 ....... Anadrol @ 75mg/day
Weeks 1-4 ....... Sust 250 @ 600mg/wk

Weeks 5-8 ....... Sust 250 @ 600mg/wk
Weeks 5-8 ....... Tren Ace @ 350mg/wk

Weeks 8-11 ....... Anadrol @ 75mg/day
Weeks 8-11 ....... Sust 250 @ 600mg/wk
Weeks 8-11 ....... Tren Ace @ 350mg/wk

Weeks 12-15 ..... Sust 250 @ 600mg/wk
Weeks 12-15 ..... Tren Ace @ 350mg/wk

PCT will be triptorellin, nolva, and clomid. This is what I used last time and recovered fantastically (according to blood work). I know it is risky but I may end up skipping PCT and bridging into another cycle to prepare for an upcoming show since my timing is not ideal but that's to be determined. I want to avoid that if possible.

I also have adex on hand already and may pick up some proviron. The adex I have come in 1mg capsules so I plan to open them up and take 0.5mg eod or e3d.
Splitting adex caps accurately is impossible due to the fillers. Think I told you that before. Your frontloading is a lil off. Think about it. You bumped one weekly shot up a couple hundred mgs. What's that going to do? Nothing. Just stick to tour regular pin schedule. Your using anadrol as a kicker so scrap the frontloading. Adex on hand won't cut it. Use it bud.
You did indeed mention that about the adex I just never acted on it as I should have. I will start off taking 1mg adex e3d untill I get the liquidex which shouldn't take long. I've used the 1mg capsules before and been fine I just wanted to do more frequent dosing. Liquid seems like a good call.