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ok, please picture a college football player, OLB, 6'3" 227(in season). BF usually stays around 8-12%. Ive dont some chessey cycles in the past and really need to put on 15-20 ppounds while keeping my agility. this is gonna be my last run this year as i am a senior. someone please whip me up something that will help in this quest. keep in mind i cant have the bf go crazy, gotta stay in range. i would go to some of my teamates for advice but i to keep some privacy because a lot of times if you blow up and everyone knows you were juicin, when your having a really good year or you take someones spot, people sometimes cmplain that you cheated and all kinds of other shit. thanks.:Pump: :scratchhe
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you say cheesy cycles? like what? knowing your past experiences will help in choosing future compounds/dosages. oh btw welcome to the board
Thanks, bin lurking for awhile now.

a couple small cyp dbol cycles and one Winstrol (winny) only cycle which i liked a lot last year in the offseason but it didnt give me the weight i need.
I'd say go with a test/eq base, and you could throw in fina or Winstrol (winny). You want to gain around 15 pounds of weight, however need to stay agile. You said you liked the effects of winstrol but it didn't give you the weight you needed. EQ is great for lean mass gains, as is fina. I'd suggest: Test cyp (or enth) at 500 mg week and EQ at 400-600 week. if you wanted to throw in fina or Winstrol (winny) great, but I think you would be pleased with the results from Test/EQ