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Hey guys. All well?

Just looking for your insite and maybe if anyone has even tried the same cycle.

I have a blend of
100mg Test Cyp
100mg Tren Enanthate
100mg Masteron Enanthate

My plan was to run this at 2ml per week (Monday/Thursday 1ml each. So 2 injections)

200mg Test Cyp
200mg Tren Enanthate
200mg Masteron Enanthate

Kinda low doses but i have never been the type to run high doses. I am always happy with the gains i get from the cycles i have done in the past. I put more focus into my training and diet on cycle than just running crazy high doses.

What i wanted to ask was. I have Anadrol tabs their and was planning on doing 50mg daily for 3-4 weeks. Just so the enanthate can build in my system. Is this too much on the liver? I do bloodwork before during and after cycle to see how my body is handling the compounds. The only compound that gave me issues was Tren Acetate. Slightly raised liver values but the doctor says it is marginal and not to worry. This is why i am just over concerned with adding Anadrol also? I have all the liver aids to hand also and i would be running these alongside the full cycle.

Think it will be ok?

I have my latest blood result here on screen and everything looks in order. No issues or concerns (I wouldn't even start a cycle if it did show anything)

I have run cycles in the past and always had good results. I have took a break from a proper *blast* for 7 months. I have ran trt though (120mg Test E per week) i have been on a trt dose for 3+ years and done 3 cycles in that period. Usually 12 weeks)

Think the Anadrol and Tren will over work my Liver? I do bloods at the 4 week mark anyway just to see how everything is looking

Anyone run this stack or something similar and felt it was fine and or too harsh?

Can you show how much total test per week. How much tren per week.
Show me the totals please as i dont have time to be converting ml.
Looks horrible.
200mg Test Cyp
200mg Tren E
200mg Masteron E

Cycle history. First cycle like most was 500mg Test E split over 2 weekly injections. 0.25mg arimidex eod. Run for 12 weeks.

Then i just kept on TRT after that cycle. 120mg Test E per week with a 6 month trt run.

Next cycle i ran 300mg Test E per week and 200mg Test P per week. 0.25mg arimidex eod.

Run trt for 6-8 months after.

3rd cycle i ran Test p 100mg Mon/Wed/Fri
Tren Acetate 50mg Mon/Wed/Friday after 4 weeks and knowing i was tolerating Tren very well (Had sides but was minimal) i bumped it to 100mg Mon/Wed/Fri and the sides were no problems at all and the gains we're unreal tbh. I just used Nolvadex for a few weeks as Tren works far more effective in an estrogen based environment. Ran this cycle for 8 weeks.

Then i run Trt dose again for 6 months plus.

The Anadrol i had i just done a very small blast around 7 months ago and just bumped Test E to 300mg and used 50mg Anadrol for 2 weeks and then ran 75mg for 2 weeks. My weight obviously shot up but i felt very water'y and puffy but the strength increase from Anadrol is in it's own league. Soon as i stopped Anadrol all the water fell off me and i was impressed with the extra size from those 4 weeks.

I do bloodwork consistently. I live in the UK so our health service doesn't cost us. I was open with my doctor from the start and she's been very helpful in creating bloodwork every 3 months and always calls me in if their are any red flags. The only compound that flagged up was Tren Acetate. She called me in and says you have a liver value raised. She says it's marginal but still one of your compounds is taxing your liver (I never drink alcohol on a cycle. Infact i barely drink at all anymore. I just don't like the feeling anymore and i also don't want to destroy my liver)

I have cycle experience and know how to manage sides well. My training is (For me) is ideal. 1 hour 5 days a week. Food/Diet ain't an issue either. I have a good idea of what works and what to avoid.

I have been running trt since last July so just Test E at 120mg a week which keeps me at the upper end of *Natural* Test levels. So around 6 months.

I recently done bloodwork and also donated blood to just start somewhat fresh. Bloodwork was perfect and overall i feel in a good state of mind for a new run.

I had really dropped off training these last 6-8 weeks. We bought a new house and the move made my training take a back seat. We have finally slowed up and can build our home at a leisurely pace while now getting back into a routine.

That's why i thought about doing a 12 week overall blast. I don't run crazy high doses. I never have as i can make gains on the lower end doses.

This cycle would be like i mentioned above
200mg Test Cyp week 1-12
200mg Tren Enanthate weeks 1-8
200mg Masteron Enanthate weeks 1-12
50mg Anadrol daily split over 2 doses (25mg Morning and 25mg Evening)

I will keep an AI to hand but i know masteron itself has aromatise inhibiting properties. Tren for me works when estrogen is slightly elevated also. Have Nolvadex on hand also.

Other additions
Fish Oil 3g EPA DHA daily
NAC 600mg Morning and 600mg evening.
Vitamin d3 4000iu daily
Multi Vitamin.
Milk Thistle

I also have an on cycle support which is just all the classics. NAC ' Tudca' Silymarin'Hawthorn Extract etc

So personally i don't see it as a horrible cycle? I will make gains from this cycle while keeping my health a little more in check.
That looks like a great cycle

The only things I'd wonder about are Tren E for 8 weeks. If you could I'd think about using Ace instead to get up to effective blood levels faster.

And I'd wonder about throwing in the anadrol with that stack without any AI. I know your total aromatizing dose is the 200 mg Test and you should be fine without, especially with the Mast in there, but just something I'd consider. I've read anadrol can have some weird effects.

How old are you? And what sort of body weight gains did you get from those previous cycles?
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