Dbol - no increase in strength


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I started 40mg dbol about 11 days ago. I'm on TRT for which I increased the dose to 250mg weekly. I gained about 15 pounds of water weight, but my strength is not increasing. The only thing I can figure, and either way this is lack of foresight on my part, is I didn't increase calorie intake to match my increased weight. I was making good natural gains before starting the dbol. I increased my caloric intake in the last 5-7 days, but feel like I'm playing catch-up. I'm 5'9" 186 and was around 170 before starting the increased TRT dosage and dbol.

Incidentally, I worked on lowering my high e2 before starting this cycle and got estradiol to <5 (pg?). I figured my e2 would have no problem rebounding on my current regimen without adex. Hopefully, lowered e2 isn't part of the issue though.
Strength and size. I think I'm going to drop it and just go with the tren I started this week, along with winny and test.
Honestly even if I eat like a rabbit I get strong quick on dbol. Within days,weight that felt heavy before feels significantly lighter. Obviously something is going on if you gained a bunch of water weight but you should be stronger for sure.
Well, I added tren ace to the mix 10 days ago, so my dbol question may always be ambiguous. I seem to be a slow responder or just poor.