DBOL, why only as a front load?


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Okay, I have been thinking about this.
I just started my cycle yesterday. It is:

1-5/6 dbol-40mg/day
1-10 Test e.-500mg/week
1-10 EQ-400mg/week

Ok, now what if I was to take the Dbol for only the first 4 weeks, then wait 4 weeks, then do another 4 week cycle. Which would bring me to the 12th week. In which I would start Clomid/Nolva 1 week later.

So it would look like this:

1-4 Dbol-40mg/day
1-10 Test 500mg/week
1-10 EQ 400mg/week
8-12 Dbol-40mg/day

Wouldn't you be able to make even greater strength and weight gains by doing it like this?
Or is this just way too hard on the liver, etc?
bro with a 4 week break you should be ok a lot of people take a week or two off dbol and switch to winnie , i like the dbol myself
i would lower the dosage a little, 40mg should put a decent amount of water, and once thta water comes off, you dont want the physcological crash of thinking your losing a ton of muscle. I would taper, 40mg week 8, 35 mg week 9, 30mg week 10, 20 mg week 11, 15 mg week 12.
crazymike said:

Wouldn't you be able to make even greater strength and weight gains by doing it like this?

Yes, as the dbol will keep your androgen levels much higher during the time when the longer acting drugs are slowly clearing your system.
Is there a reason why people do not do it like this? Is it just because they don't want to get bloated?
Its just not something that people have thought about. Now with the stuff like a-dex and letrozole, it can work better at the end of the cycle!
Thanks for the replys!
I am getting Armidex in next week, so I can take some if the bloat gets out of hand.
How is this for my final decision on how to run it?
Front load
1-4-- 40mg/day

end phase
9 --40mg/day
10 --40mg/day
11 --30mg/day
12 --20mg/day
like dadawg said most people use winnie at the end instead because they do not want the water weight. if thats not a problem for you go with dbol, way more cost effective.