Deca/Var/Test - HELP!!! Lol


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Just based on what you guys know, because obviously I don't have the answers or I can not find the answers I need yet.

It's about Deca/Var , and most likely test E..
BUT that's for my second cycle...
My first cycle I was thinking of running test for 10-12 weeks ;
Wk1-2 250mg
Wk 3-6 500 mg
Wk 7-10 250 or stay at 500mg????

Wait a week, or two , then run a proper PCT for how many weeks? Is it ten if I run test for ten week? - also dutasteride or Finn to combat DHT (hair)

ALSO I wanted to maybe run dbol in this first cycle lightly, as many say it's a good first cycle BUT I'm nervous about hair loss with dbol, since I might be prone..but would low doses of dbol affect it just as much as high doses would?


just a side note on second cycle..
Was thinking
Test E 0r Cyp 250mg/wk
Deca -d. 200-300mg/wk
Anavar. 40mg/week

IF I'm incorrect with anything please just let me know without getting mad lol