decisons decisions !!


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OK am 30 5'9 160 10-12 bf
Been trainin 3yrs first cycle was early 2002 8 wks 250 sus+100 primobolan wk,felt great was happy with results lookin back but felt i held a little water throughout.Second was early this yr planned with deca+sus but read decas detection time was not good for someone subject to RANDOM DRUGS TESTS! DOH! so used= wk1-250 sus 20mg anabol per day+50 mg winstrol evry other day,wk 2 upped to 500 sus stopped anabol as turned yellow was sick of injections of Winstrol (winny) but cracked on then wk 3 disaster:( shit myself inside out for 5 days couldnt eat got ripped to fuck didnt lose any muscle but was sooo weak could barely walk.How pissed off was i. mates went with the sus and deca got huge nitro retention+pumps and good gains kept.

So i have access to any juice, just about ,still have 12 norma 2ml vials deca +10 250 sus loads of nolva,3 wks of clomid(mates got serious back acne on theres) and 3 2500 iu of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) on its way.
i am pretty small framed but put on muscle well i run bout 4 times wk between 40-60 mins. OK thats enough info on me can you give me some thing to go on fom all that,can i use Winstrol (winny) on its own 4 2 wks just to see how i get on with it? do i need proviron with deca sus? i would like to incorporate some clen in a cycle oh im prone to hair loss big time baby only just got it lookin ok from last time. lets ave it ya pros. CHEERS THEN.