Denkall 10mg mg winstrol....... thumbs up or down


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Curious on denkall winstrol.........
has anyone responded well to this taking 50mgs a day into split doses...... i am curious on how there oral strol is........... I've taken there anadrols and wasnt impressed at all....... wonder if their oral stan is any different.........
I ran it for a short time, about 3 weeks, 2 cycles ago. I didn't really notice much. Maybe a little more hardness. But nothing like the Zambons ED or even EOD. Whole different story. Zambons kick ass.
For some reason I was able to get my hands on the 6mg rather then the 10mg. The DK Winstrol (winny) I took was probably my least favorite. Ttokkyo was much better, and so was ip. But if there's any chance of you getting your hands on Peru Tech, then there is no competition.
I know a couple guys on the 6mg caps and I haven't heard any complaints yet but I haven't tried them for myself either...