Weightlifter Coming Back from the Dead


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This is my experience with aas.

Hello Folks, I am new here but definitely not "new", hear. I created this account 12 years ago and did nothing but read. I was 15 at the time so I'm glad I did. I have run a number of cycles in the coming years. My first being at 21. Honestly, I wish I could have waited. Being a 5'9 guy, I never liked to weigh more then 220. I felt it made me look kinda stocky. Although, I do hide it well.

The reason for the early start was to try and jump into the pros. I was squatting 700 before I graduated high school @ 205 lbs. I finished my powerlifting career at 700/420/675 at 204. I did not drop to 198 because my best friend could not go up to 220 and win. My interest was olympic lifting, which I could not pursue until college. When college came I stopped squatting, benching, and doing any arm work besides push press and chins/pull ups. I hit 150kg on snatch and 190kg on clean and jerk @ 191 lbs.

Anyways, over the years I have run many cycles and this is my experience with certain chemicals.

1. Clenbuterol- This is the most effective item I used. I could tell the difference in the matter of days. My speed increased as well as my work ethic. Seriously, it would increase my lifts simply because it made me faster under the bar. My sprint work was also improved, which meant I would lean out better. I could get as low as 186 on clen.

2.Oral tren- nothing changed my appearance like this. I ran it at 250 mcg a day and it was enough to give me pumps while racking weights. I am convinced that this is the reason I weigh about 10lbs more then people my size. Could it have possibly altered my bone density from the combination of heavy ass weights and being so young (23-25)? Point is, unless you are an elite level athlete, stay away. It is so powerful that it could change the way you look forever. In the picture below I am 5'9 and 196 pounds.

3. M-1-test- have any of you tasted this stuff in powder form? It's caustic, kinda like the burn you get from hydrogen peroxide bleaching your skin. This stuff just felt toxic. Tons of strength and muscle; but, it caused bloat and hbp. This is the only androgen that gave me oily skin and acne. If I wanted to bulk up at all cost, nothing I used would compare to this nasty shit. Increased body hair didn't happen until this stuff hit my blood stream. This stuff is for sports that require little finesse, like powerlifting. This stuff isn't for guys going to the gym trying to look like arnold. Take this if you are a powerlifter and your idols are doug young and ed coan.

4. Anavar- hairloss. I ran it at 80 mg and started noticing hair in the drain. I find it to be more useful in small doses to compliment a cycle. I think it's over rated. It isn't as bad as m1t on the hairline for me but it definitely isn't as mild as I thought it would be.

5. Test suspension and Androgel- strong and happy. I love this stuff. I feel like an alpha male on suspension. I used it with mhn, mesterolone and winny and spent my leisure time showing off my abs at the pool. I only used it a couple of times and stopped going above 25 mg a day. Why? Because everything was growing and it didn't need too. I stay below 4 reps for the most part and it still would slap muscle on me.

6. Halotestin- this stuff gave me the best strength. I felt more irritable on var 80mg than halo at 40mg a day. Different folks, different strokes. Something I noticed was that I became stronger in all areas. I didn't always train my auxillary lifts consistently, on halo, they'd increase while I was neglecting them. The only time I ever did a 1 handed pull up was on halo Probably my favorite.

7. Oral Turinabol-the magic happens after week 6. Most folks don't take it long enough or a big enough dose(I understand why). When run long enough, it gave me nice increases in strength. The only problem I had was the back pumps would hinder workouts if I didn't watch my carb intake.

8. Clomid- never again. Seriously, never again. I felt like a 17 year old single mom. I was emotional and bitchy and kardashian. I am talking about calling girlfriends from years prior kind of shit. I will go without pct before I touch this stuff. No problems with nolva though.

9. Max-lmg- like mild oral tren or strong mhn. Nice steady increases but conservative in all categories, especially in side effects.

10. Mestanolone- I loved how it sucked the water out of my body. It also prevented lethargy and gave me hard ons throughout the day. Even when just driving and the seat belt rubbed me in an inviting way. Joint pains were mild and then non existent with cissus and tart cherry. No real anabolic or strength increases.

11. Dbol- not my cup of tea. I ran it once, enjoyed the mood lifting quality, pumps are nice but weight is hard to manage. I could never understand why some of the athletes I knew would take it when suspension or androgel was so easy to come by and harder to detect.

12. Winny- something about this stuff makes it so great to incorporate in cycles even at 10 mg a day. Combined with suspension and tren, I would pull 600lbs on deads with a snatch grip. By itself, I see no true practical application. Also aggressive on the hair.

13.Ghrp6- nothing, maybe leaner. I got better recovery from ghb.

14. Ephedrine- I had some very intense workouts on this stuff. It's not something that would ever replace clen for me. Unlike clen, this stuff made me feel overly confident and stronger than I really was. I'd get very intense and exited only to find the bar was glued to the floor. Good laughs though.

15. Modafinil- mild but effective. Talkative, didn't have the sides clen gave me. If olympic lifters are on this or clen, I would not be surprised.

16. Cheque Drops- didn't notice a thing. Took it once before a meet and didn't notice anything. I have always wanted to try it in a cycle at low doses. I'd have to be shooting for a world record to do that though. It is the only androgen with a higher binding affinity than methyltrienolone.

17. Mhn- milder than var. Stacks nicely with test and winny. Cheap and minimal sides.

18.Primo- much like mhn and turinabol stacked. Slow and steady. Mild sides. I used the oil at 400 mg.
Would use again if I got a good deal or some powder.

19.1-test- seems to be under rated. Of all the non progesterones, this has the highest affinity for androgen receptors. One of my favorite stacks included 1-test at 200mg, 10 mg halo, 10 mg var, 10mg winny, 25mg suspension, 20 mg mestanolone. Vascularity, strength, density, adamantium and dry all describe the effects.

Things I have never tried- nandrolone, boldenone, test esters, anadrol, methandriol, masteron, ment.

My advice to anyone who wants it: if you are thinking about some of these compounds, think very carefully. Most likely what you would benefit from most is running test and a mild androgen and focusing on the compound movements.

This picture is me after being clean for a year. It has now been 3 years. I stopped training until 4 months ago. I plan on training for another 2 months and seeing where I am at. After growing up a bit, I think I'm ready to take another shot at olympic weightlifting.

I hope this was useful for someone. Maybe you'll see a journal soon.
I forgot to mention a couple of things.

1.Clenbuterol- Something I left out previously. Clen was usually ran the last couple days of a cycle and into pct. The point was to maintain and or increase the weights being moved on the snatch/clean. Muscle loss or even strength in other lifts didn't matter in the least. I never felt like clen created a catabolic environment anyway. Sure I might have loss a little muscle, but, the fat/water loss and increased performance was in a way, spartan.

2.pg-cl- diarrhea. Ran it once or twice, seemed to only cause weight loss by purging your intestines. I don't remember being blown away by the results.

3. 4-hydroxytestosterone- I enjoyed running this along side suspension. When you find the sweet spot you can really improve the efficiency of the test. For me, this was 25 mg of 4ht and 35 mg of test suspension split in 2 doses every day.

4. Syndopa/ghb- used to increase hgh levels while preventing prolactin spikes. This combination made me feel very refreshed and relaxed. recovery times and endurance were enhanced. I find that prolonged prolactin spiking caused accelerated hair loss. Water retention was also easier to shed. My sweat seemed very concentrated and pungent independent of my diet. Think about those times you went out drinking and saw those white rings on your laundry the next day. I believe these are related.

5.superdrol- I used this 1 time along side suspension and winny. I had to cut it out of the cycle because the pumps hindered my sprints and pulls from the ground. Other than that, I imagine an experienced bodybuilder would find such a cycle very favorable.

6.methyldienolone- this should be called oral tren. Oral tren is nothing like tren. Metribolone feels like it takes over and overwhelms the body. This stuff feels like tren, increases in metabolism, fat loss, muscle growth and sweating. Not to call it mild, because it and tren are obviously not. Compared to metribolone, I'd call them responsible.

7. desoxymethyltestosterone- at 40 mg a day, results were lean muscle. Much like turinabol, I held on to a little more water than normal. Im not convinced that it was estrogen induced. However, this and other oxy, hydroxy, fluoro, were used at small doses because I believed them to act on receptors other aas have low affinities for. For example, halotestin is believed to influence glucocorticoid receptors and possibly even antagonize them. By mixing low doses of halo, var, desoxy etc, I believed I was was able to put androgens in places that would otherwise require huge doses. Did it work? I am not sure but I definitely had outstanding results.
So my current numbers are:

Current Goals precycle Goals post cycle
Weight 215 200 200
BF% 18% 10% 8%
Squat 500 600 650
Deadlift 550 600 650
PPress 315 400 450
Clean 315 350 405
Snatch 225 250 315

My lbm percent will increase quickly without much dieting, because I'm carrying a lot of water. Mainly I need to cut my sodium intake. I have always been intolerant of salty foods. I loose my knuckles after a large pizza. Unfortunately, I've been slinging bricks for months now. Such a beatdown of a job makes preparing food difficult. It's also hard on the wrists and back.

When I can hit these numbers I'll be ready to run a cycle. I'm shooting for mid August to start.