Do you guys like GAINZ???????


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lol, damn.. this was a while ago. This was a troll postt I did when I was going through some sort of depression. I wanted to make some of the members here laugh, for some reason making others laugh makes me feel good about myself. I never ran this cycle but this post was after a tren E, Test E, and DROL 15 week run I had just done & recovery was hard. Mentality felt like I hit rock bottom, and I was literally contemplating TRT, but I didn't want that. I did not want to live with the fact that Im being dependent on a certain hormone just so I can feel OK. Definitely not know, maybe when I get older. Was in a real dark place, but I had my family to keep me going.

I also apologize for those who did not take this lightly or couldn't see it as a joke, or lacked the sense of humor I thought most would have.

Understood brother. Maybe instead of troll posts, try making a thread asking for help or advice. I'm sure there are many others who have been through a similar situation...whether it be AAS induced or just general depression. I bet you'd get some pretty good help from the members here. You never know, someone might just have the fix you're looking for.