Docs: Do I have hematoma or abscess? Options?


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So about a week ago I injected a 1.25cc of a 100 primo/200 TestC mix and .5cc of 300 TestE into my quad. I've done 4 or so shots of the primo/test cyp mix and have always left me pretty sore but that usually goes away after 3-4 days. This was the first adding the TestE from a new but reputable source. Always warm up, swap drawing needles, swab area and massage after for 5mins. The shot from a week ago went smooth but when withdrawing the needle there was more blood than normal and kept lightly bleeding so I had to stop it with a bandaid. Thought this may have been due to my blood being a little thin from taking an advil prior for a headache.

Similar soreness the following day so thought hitting quads would help break up any crystalization and help circulate area. Must have agitated something because the following day I woke up with my quad throbbing, could barely bend and was swollen about in inch or so bigger than my other quad. My whole quad was swollen but could feel fluid under the skin and raised a little bit higher about the width of an apple. No discoloring but warm and very very tender.

Been loading up on a lot of natural anti-inflamatory supps and natural antibotics. Using a warm pack on it 4-5 times a day and recently wrapping with varoius natural remedies to pull out any toxins (activated charcoal, raw potatoe, tumeric, tea tree). Seems like it's fine for 4-5 hours just feels mostly numb then starts to ache a little so I'll usually pop an advil. Usually wake up a few times during the night from it throbbing but in the morning it's usually just really stiff and numb. No fever but area is still warm.

Was just going to get anti-biotics to play it safe which I can do with an online doc visit but from everything I've been reading sometimes it can cause more bad than good. Also I've been reading it seems more like hemotoma than an abscess but want to see how long I should wait before I get it checked out. Wasn't too worried until reading some horror stories with people losing limbs and chunks taking out of their legs. Don't have insurance so will be pricy if it needs to get drained but obviously worth my leg if it seems likely it could be a problem. Any feedback would be appreciated!
Start taking antibiotics I had something similar happen about a month ago. Get cipro if you can. I started taking amoxicillin and went up to 2000 milligrams a day it started to subside but wasn't doing the trick. So My wife had a script refill of cipro. After the first day it was feel better and after 3 days it was pretty much gone. I wouldn't mess around and heehaw wondering if I should get antibiotics. They won't hurt you. Scrap the natural bs it might be good for some mild shit. It won't help with a blood infection. The longer yiu wait it will go to the blood.

Good luck. Keep us posted.
Update: so bit the bullet and got a consult to get a script of antibiotics. She said it sounds like hematomas and that it doesn't seem to be infected. Typical protocol is to allow to reabsorb on it's own. Said there's plenti of downsides to administering antibiotics if not necessary. Says the presence of mass can cause that much pain. Of course to cover her ass she said get an ultrasound with an in person doc to make sure.

Seems docs are divided on antibiotics for treatement.. gonna wait a few more days and see if it reabsorbs.
Did you tell this Doctor that you were Injecting Roids, or just that it was Inflamed.

Cause what it sounds like to me, is that you Loaded that shot near a Nerve, and Inflamed the Nerve.
This would cause the Pain you are talking about.
And since there's Lots of Nerves in the Quad, it's easy to do................................. JP
Worried about taking antibiotics? Lol

Let me go pin some aas I'm sure their less dangerous than antibiotics.