Does anyone else have difficulty sleeping on a T cycle?


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This issue didn't exist until I started my cycle of 350mg/week cyp. I have at least 1 or 2 nights every week where I get literally 0 hours of sleep. It's not the typical restless mind keeping me up, but simply not tired enough to sleep. I have a melatonin/tryptophan/hopps/valerian root combo and that might put me out for a few hours, but then I end up waking at 3am and again can't go back to sleep.

So I thought maybe it was my pinning schedule, since I pin 2x week at 9pm. I then switched to pinning in early afternoons around 12pm and that same week, I slept like a baby, but then the following 2 weeks I had sleeping issues again.

Any suggestions?
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Damn bro. Never had this problem from just test. Most are quite the opposite. I will be following along and hoping someone can help you. Sorry bro
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Maybe you're aromatizing really hard? High estrogen can ruin sleep. I recommend getting your bloodwork done to measure E.
Less effective idea: no screens an hour before bed?
Tren was tough ...

Yes.....forget who said this but it was a great statement : "tren is war"
Indeed, tren is a battle for me from the first injection of tren E until 3 weeks after the last injection. If your diet is PERFECT, them tren is magical. I won't touch it again until after the holidays. Lol