Does Flexing do anything?

l've been told from a female body builders that its good 4 you in some way , makes your muscles hard so she saids...personally i wouldnt know.
silver_shadow said:
i don't think it does anything

If your at a stage of high stage of muscularity posing or flexing as some call it was great for me you contract the fibers you just worked nice and smooth helps more than stretching imo. you gotta be pretty beef to be one of the guys posing in the gym. i hope to soon
Actually a posing session is a great way to end a workout, it is motivating, it helps with separation and believe it or not it can be a workout in itself.
during a dieting stage its the only time i really do it. I feel it helps sharpen me up and gets me ready for the comp....btw its not as easy as u may think especially in the last 2wks