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Whats up guys! Its your friendly neighborhood nutritionist, 3J, here. We all come to this forum to learn about one thing, gear! But many of us do not focus on the most important aspect of bodybuilding, YOUR NUTRITION! Keep in mind that steroids are not magic pills, they do not defy the laws of physics. If you do not eat for your goals, you will not reach them! A lot of people come to this forum to ask questions about how to properly set up a cycle. Not many of them ask the most important question, "what should i be eating."

Keep in mind that 80% of your progress doesn't come from gear or the gym, but the kitchen! Unfortunately, many people lack the necessary knowledge to properly set up a nutrition program that fits their needs. Why play a guessing game when you can hire yours truly to set you up on the right path and keep you from wasting your hard earned money? Make the most of your time and energy in the gym by signing up for my progressive 100% online nutrition and training coaching!

Here is what comes with my coaching

1. A custom built diet specific to your needs. I tell you what to eat when to eat it and how much to have but I give you multiple options per meal.

2. A workout and cardio routine synergistic with the diet

3. You will be required to send specific measurements and your weight at least once a week so that I may track your progress and make changes as I see fit

4. Supplementation coaching is included


3 months 300

4 months 400

6 months 500

12 months 750



WEBSITE LINK: 3J's Nutrition
Get 3js help or get it somewhere else......either way the gear don't do shit without a perfect diet. Anyone on this site that disputes it....... ask them to post a pic.
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