Dosage for Anadrol


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I'm 26
15% bf

i'm about to do my second cycle.

this time i'll be using

deca 200mg per week
test e 500 mg per week
and anadrol for the first 4 weeks

should i take the anadrol at 50mg per day or up it to 100mg per day... will there be much difference?
deffinately stay at 50 anadrols some strong stuff personally i wouldnt even put it in my second cycle, get some 5 mg thais and add them till you feel good that way you can adjust your dose accordingly.
yup 50 for at least the first two weeks...And maybe you can bump it up to two a day..lots of water and liv 52 or milk thistle is a must .very toxic on the liver.ok good luck get big and be safe..get liver enzymes checked before mid and after..
Something I wrote previously about dosing for anadrol:

Dosing for most inexperienced users of oxymethalone usually ranges between 50 to 150 milligrams per day. Experienced users have anecdotally used in excess of this, but side effects are more pronounced as the dosage increases. The effects of the compound are far weaker than other similar compounds such as methandrostenolone milligram for milligram, however anecdotally users report that when doses are increased some individuals react much better to oxymethalone than they have using other compounds with similar anabolic and androgenic effects.

While using oxymethalone, like any anabolic steroids, it is wise to use a liver protector such as milk thistle, etc. This is due to the increased strain that a 17 alpha alkylated compound puts on the organ. However, due to the large doses that a user is ingesting when compared to other oral steroids, this makes it imperative that precautions are taken to ensure that the health of the liver is maintained. Also, as per all other 17 alpha alkylated steroids, stacking more than one together is not recommended.

Due to the active life of the compound, two doses per day while administering the drug is recommended. These should be as evenly separated throughout the day as possible. As well, cycles between four and six weeks are recommended. Any longer and there is an increased likelihood that damage to the liver could occur.
I did them 5 on 2 off. A vet told me to take them this way to keep the receptor fresh. I also took Liv-52 with them.
ok. If i'm going to take it once a day

should i have it in the morning before work or in the afternoon 90mins before work out. i work out after work at night
Jacky_Zebsten said:

should i take the anadrol at 50mg per day or up it to 100mg per day... will there be much difference?

75mg ed. YOu can spilt it up on non workout days and on workout days take the whole dose a couple hours prior to your workout
Aboot said:
Personally, I would take it in the morning.
yeah i usually take on an empty stomach because it absorbes faster...then eat like 30 min later...