Zig zag dosing your orals (anadrol and anavar)

Chief Iron Bear

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This is a protocol from Ameen Alai...one of the original gurus from the late 90s.

He claims dosing orals this way allows the side effects to remain lower which allows the user to run higher dosages or longer duration.

He suggests choosing two orals completely different from each other. Ie) anadrol and anavar or winstrol but he prefers anavar.

Protocol is as follows...anadrol dosed mon/wed/fri then anavar Tues/Thurs/sat with sunday off of both.

When you would normally run 50mg/day anadrol and 60mg/day anavar you could do 75mg anadrol and 100mg anavar.

Throws the thought of stable blood levels out the window. But he 100% knows his shit.

Anyone tried this?

Or would I get farther doing both together 6 days a week at half the dose (37.5mg anadrol + 50mg anavar Mon-sat)?