This is a veterinarian steroid from Australia. It is a high anabolic, moderate androgen mixture. The few athletes who have used this item seem to like it unanimously. It resulted in solid strength gains as well as weight increases. They compared it to Deca or Winstrol-V in that the gains were not dramatic like with testosterone’s, but they were quality. This drug will exhibit little aromatizing effects with minimal liver toxicity. Drive is being used by athletes all over the country.

The athletes who reported seeing it on the market were in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, Texas, and Ohio.

ive used it back in the mid 80's and loved it. my gains back then were quality. im using denkadiol now with any cycle i do and it seems pretty good also. im on 300mg/week now along with icn's and some eq.
I am looking for pics also......if i find one, i shall post is in my area, and it is supposed to b aussie...but i shall find out...anyone know what you can gain or do off this stuff...

Drive is a waste of money. By the time you would gain anything from it you'd be an oil storage can.
i know its an old thread. But now BD produce drive......I read that the real revalation of drive is its ability to enhance other as..anyone got experience with this ?
There are a lot of fakes circulating of this product. As has been stated, the chances of coming across this in North America are slim at best. It has a good name going for it, is exotic, and low dosed..., all qualities that a counterfitter loves to see in a product so they can charge big $$ for it.
I'm talking about the original veterinary labs mixture...
I can also find tren hexylhydro... doesn't mean I have the original parabolan.
should look exactly like this:

(however this one was tested and turned out fake)
On a side note, the Dutch UG 'generic supplements' is starting to make 'overdrive', a more concentrated version of drive. Planning to using it next year.