Drug Test ?


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Hey guys need some advice... went for a new job today they did a hair test for drugs... they this was for rec drugs...(not a problem) than they did a piss test.. they said it was for Steroids... I have been on test and deca for 6 weeks... so I am pretty sure it will show up.. but I told the nurse that I take many different pro-hormones and some claim will show a positive test for certian sports.. She just said well the DR. will call you if there is a problem and you can tell him...

any advice...?
thefantom1 said:
Stick to the pro-hormone story.... what kind of job tests for steroids??

it is a gov job in dc area... any pro-hormone names that would be similar to test and deca...?

Thanks Bro....
I think the pro hormones that end in the "diol" version were rumored to show positive for deca... remember also that deca will show up in your system for up to 18 months..
if you had to fill the piss cup all the way it was a steroid test. if it's just to a certain line it isn't.

the prohormones for nandrolone is 19-nor-androstene-diol or -dione
the prohormones for test are 4-androsterone-diol

only thing is even prohormones are put on the steroid list. the deca prohormone should be listed. the prohormone for test is pretty new so that wouldn't be able to be tested for yet.