dtone's hair loss and erectile dysfunction from steroids remedy


There is a constant dilemma for men who care about their overall appearance. First, (most) want to maintain their hair while they improve their physique. Second, most guys want to improve their physique at least in part to improve their sex life or attraction from females. Third, most women are more attracted to men with hair (of course some women like their men bald). Fourth, all drugs that improve physique destroy your hair and negatively affect sexual functioning, and most drugs to improve your hair completely destroy sexual functioning. So what's a guy to do? Be content with a mediocre physique but with hair and sexual functioning, or try to save the hair, get the physique but then not be able to perform sexually? Of course, you can always try Viagra/Cialis but those drugs don't work for everyone and some experience some pretty serious side effects such as issues with eye sight and hearing (I have this problem). Which, in my opinion, you don't want to be messing with your senses.

It's a pickle that a lot of guys, including myself, have found themselves in and I have personally found my own solution and I wanted to share. That being said, this is what worked for ME, although I would assume many would respond similarly. My most recent cycle (test/deca) was over a year ago and I as I was going through pct, I noticed I had lost a SIGNIFICANT amount of hair. At the same time, I started noticing a lot of problems in the bedroom that were frustrating to say the least. So I have not ran a cycle since and have spent my time trying to remedy those issues. Below is my solution for all three concerns of (1) physique (2) hair loss (3) erectile dysfunction.

1. Physique without aas:
- nothing crazy here...I've just learned over my many years of this stuff that all the drugs in the world can't save you if you don't truly understand the training and dieting your specific body needs. Am I a huge monster? No. Is my physique flawless? No. But I take good care of myself and even stop in periodically with 3J to keep me in check.
2. Hair Loss:
- This is a bit trickier. I don't use Finasteride. I did once years ago and had severe sexual dysfunction that lasted quite a while. Fortunately, I was one the guys that got their functioning back...everyone isn't always so lucky. Instead I use standardized Saw Palmetto 320mg once a day. This is a natural anti-androgen that has similar effects as Finasteride, although obviously not nearly as strong. This of course is used to reduce conversion from test to dht which results in hair follicles dieing off.
- Biotin 2x day (morning/night) - This is to increase the health of the hair. Once balding begins, hairs begin growing back finer and finer. Biotin is to keep new hair growing strong.
- Regenepure DR AND NT 1x daily - This process I've learned is actually crucial. Apply the DR shampoo first thing when you get in the shower placing emphasis on areas of concern (i.e. crown, hairline). LEAVE IT IN for about 5 minutes while you wash the rest of your body. After 5 minutes or so, rinse it out and then apply the NT conditioner and rinse quickly.
- Lipogaine plus Micro Derma roller 2x daily - Micro Derma rollers have been shown to increase the absorption of topical products by up to 5 times. After showering with Regenepure, I use the roller for a minute as directed, then apply 1ml Lipogaine to both the crown and hairline. I do this process again before bed. The reason I go with Lipogaine vs. Rogaine is because Lipogaine has azelaic acid in it which has also shown to prevent further hair loss in clinical studies.
***A note with this process. IT TAKES TIME. I was satisfied with my results after 6 months but I definitely got impatient at times. Any hair loss regimen takes at least 4 months to see any changes. I can say now after more than 6 months, my crown has completely grown back and my hairline is like it was when I was 18. ****Another note...when introducing or making changes to your hair loss regimen expect heavy shedding for up to 6 weeks. When I started this regimen I had SEVERE shedding to the point that I was certain I would be completely bald. It eventually stopped and everything has grown back thicker and fuller.
3. Erectile Dysfunction without Viagra/Cialis
- Of course, there are many psychological issues that can play a part in this one. I am ignoring those for the purpose of this post.
- First, stop masturbating or using porn entirely. I know this is harsh for a lot of people but for me it was easy because I've had a steady girlfriend for a while now.
- Kegels- this is an exercise that most think are for women but actually really help men as well. You contract your pelvic floor muscles for 10 seconds, then release for 10 seconds, then repeat ten times. I did this three times a day, normally while I was driving.
- Supplements - Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Red panax ginseng, yohimbine hcl, and tribulus all are natural ways to help improve erections without side effects. I started out taking all of these and then tapered it down to where I only take Maca and Horny Goat Weed once a day now. Dosages vary and you kind of have to find what's best for you.

There you go. My way to keep a good physique, with hair and a healthy sex life. Boom.
Thanks for the read bud. Had a question though...When you say Biotin twice a day, do you mean it in a pill form or cream ??
great thread , thnx

i had some improvement with horny goat weed and maca..BUT does tribulus work? I Still have the bottle and i was planning to throw it in garbage .. for me it added nothing ..

i guess u had the same experience with tribulus as u are not using it now , right?
Transporter - I mean biotin in pill form (5,000 mcg 2x daily)
Rida5d - Tribulus is definitely not one of the stronger supplements for ED. I forgot to add Pycnogenol for ED - this one is one of the primary supps that have been effective
Transporter - I mean biotin in pill form (5,000 mcg 2x daily)
Rida5d - Tribulus is definitely not one of the stronger supplements for ED. I forgot to add Pycnogenol for ED - this one is one of the primary supps that have been effective

What is the efficient dosage for pycnogenol?