Eating 5,000 Calories a day


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Many people talk about diets with 5,000 cal. Is that for a typical person 5,10 @ 180lbs or for someone that weighs 250lbs? Dosen't the food go to waste as it is not asimilated (absorbed) in our bodies if you are 180?

I also read here that you need to eat 5 -6 smaller meals as oppossed to 3 large ones, you know, spread them out (I eat 5 times). But, can anyone tell me what normal person eats 5,000 calories in 3 servings?? And if you divide that by 5 meals that is 1,000 cal per meal... that is not a small meal, is it??

I mean if it were Mc Donalds, yeah (due to all the fat), but if you are eating good food with low fat, you have to consume twice as much chicken and rice/beans to make your intake equivalent to 1,000 cal!

Anyway, every time I eat, Im always bloated. it never goes down. So basically I am forcing my self to eat every 3 hours... is this what I am supposed to do?


1. MRP w/ 1 cup milk
2. Chicken/Meat/Fish (7-8oz) + 1 cup rice + beans (sometimes) + salad (3 times)
3. work out
4. Post work out- 1 scoop of whey protein w/ water
5. 3 eggs + slice cheese + 1 cup of oatmeal w/ milk

Any thoughts?
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1. 5000 cals is almost double what a typical 180 lber needs to gain lean weight.
2. your diet is nowhere near 5000 cals (if thats what youre aiming for). More along the lines of 1500.
Im not aiming for 5,000, that just a waste of food and might get sick. Im questioning the truth on people eating 5,000 to gain weight. And my calorie intake is more along the lines of 2700, not 1500. I assume 3000 cal in food should be enough to gain.
I eat 5000 no problem... not all from food though. 2,000 cals are from shakes. If your serious about gaining weight I think you have to eat this much. Are you going to put on fat? Yeah, but you will be stronger enabling you to put on more muscle. 3kCal seems a little low to me, keep in mind what your burning in the gym.
OUTLAW.... Thanks, I understand your views, actually I want to gain mass, but I have to get rid of this fat (Im like 15-16%), I need to be at least 10%. So I will probably eat 3000-3500 cals.

LIFT.... I agree with you, 5,000 should be more for a person of your weight.
also you have to take in consideration your metabalism. when I bulk I have to be closer to the 7000kcal range. and that has been no matter what I've weighed from when I was 200lbs 6 years ago to when I hit 290 4 months ago and now I gotta get back to eating again to get back to 285 from what I am now 270lbs. I eat hard for about 3 months then I try to stabablize at a higher weight for a period of time until I wanna gain weight or start to lose it. I'm sure there could be better methods but its what works for me. When I'm dialed and eating my ass of I'm eating 5lbs of lean meat a day on top of my fruits, vegies, other foods, protien shakes, plus 1-2 gallons of water.

Basicly I'm saying eat all you can and push it if you want to gain weight, if you don't want to get sloppy eat all clean food. But if you are eating clean give yourself atleast one cheat meal or cheat day once a week or you'll get sick of clean food real fast, and make sure you're getting your omega fatty acids.
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You know what one of my favorite activities is lately???? Going back and looking at members past posts.

Some of you should start realizing that this stuff doesn't get deleted--And while not saying any names but

there are a few here posting info about having to eat 6000 - 7000 kcals / day ect ect bullsh*t bullsh*t- to weight 300 lbs

Let me give you a little clue go back and look at their posts from a year ago or 2 and most and notice how much they weighed then.

Its interesting as some of these guys barely weighed above 200 lbs

I'm not great with math but 75 - 100 lbs in a year or two time is impossible without looking like a fat slob.

So if I catch anyone giving adivice on how to be 300 lbs ect ect and I find out that you weighed 200 lbs a few posts ago you better have some pics or i'm deleting these dumb ass threads.

NO ONE NEEDS 7,000 kcals / day-----If you do then pick a new f*cking hobby as its obvious this one wasn't meant for you. YOUR GENETICS SUCK
I'm talking to everyone that posts plain stupid info-

And if you want I'll pull your post on your typical diet for ya-
you are an idiot... I have no reason to lie. I eat what I eat. Never said that is what I eat every day for my whole life. Its what I do when I bulk. I probably am a lot more active than you paper pushers. I don't sit on my ass when I bulk I still run my ass off to stay in shape and stay fast. So pull if you want to
Its amazing how many times i hear that crap "I don't have a reason to lie" only to see them get busted as a total joke.

Again I point to the fact that for whatever reason people don't know how much kcals is in the food they eat.

7000 kcals breaks down to a balanced diet of approx

700g Carbs
500g Protein
250g Fat

I have clients at all levels from National level competitors to housewifes - I can 100% say that none of them are eating more then 4500 kcals / day (even active ones) and they sure as hell weigh more then 99.9% of the guys on this board.
Then on top of that bro I'm sure they have less BF than I do as well I keep it around 15% just the way my body is... Plus I always say that is what works for me, never have I said that is what you have to do... By the way this is a stupid arguement but I'm bored its thanksgiving brake.

oh ya this isn't my hobby. I'm and athlete and with some more hard work I'll be gettin paid to play after I graduate from college.
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DirkMoneyshot said:
700g Carbs
500g Protein
250g Fat

This doesn't seem outrageous at all for someone who is muscular, young, active, with a fast metabolism, and pushing 300. I know because I fit this description, and like Truck I have to eat like a fucking monster to gain. Check out the general description of my diet in post #41. This is the beginning of a bulker and just averaging out the cals it's a 4,700 a day. This will go up by at least 1,000 cals by the end of the cycle. Looks like I also eat more than any of your clients.
If your eating 7000 kcals to maintain that size in your picture your in the wrong sport -----Eating that much food is VERY unhealthy. Pick up table tennis or horse shoes-

another case of no one listening- but I gurantee it is the same people that are the first to PM when I put up a new clients before and afters.

Lastly Liftildie 4700 kcals is no where near 7000 even 5700 is not close that still a stupid amount of food.

Last thing don't you guys have better things to buy with you money?? That kind of food is easily costing 20 - 25 dollars / day. I'm not about to spend close to $700 you get my point with GENETICS

I'm out of this discussion
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