Enquiring about the safety of my father beginning his first low dose cycle.


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Hi, really hoping experienced users could spare a few minutes of your time to give me your opinion on the following.

My father has had a very difficult time in life over the last 10 years I will explain in full:

Around 2012 my father had a brain Aneurysm and had brain surgery to clip the aneurysm the surgery thank god was successful. He was prescribed Oxy Contin and several other opioid pain killers to cope with the pain, he ended up developing an addiction to these pain killers as only 1 year after he was diagnosed with Prostatitis meaning he was able to continue being prescribed the opioid pain killers making his addiction even more serious. he went through rehabilitation and was completely opiate free ever since.

He ended up having serious depression and Anxiety that has lasted up until now, he began body building starting very light and working his way up to more intense lifting but after a year of consistent eating well drinking well and lifting he made only very minimal gains. and it began to turn him off of lifting. about 3 months ago he began drinking and soon followed the cigarette smoking which he is now doing almost every day.

he is still going to the gym a couple times a week but you can see he has lost interest in it as he is not gaining anywhere near as much as his peers in the gym (most guys at our gym are running something without a doubt).

I think that if it were in your opinions safe for him to do a low dose of Testosterone Enanthate along with taking the correct ancillaries and a proper PCT protocol, I believe that he would after 8-9 years of misery and complications in life finally at long last have something positive to look forward to, a real purpose. this would guarantee he would no longer drink or smoke cigarettes and would adapt a more cleaner way of eating and leading a healthier lifestyle, many many thanks in advance for your time replying.

His stats are currently 76 Kilograms, 17% bf, 5,6" tall and currently 51 years of age.

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Really sorry barely gotten any sleep I forgot to include the most important thing of all! he had pain in his chest around 2-3 years ago and was told it was a spontaneous coronary artery dissection. a more advanced and experienced doctor disagreed with this diagnosis and said he believed it was a Coronary Spasm.

if he were to get his lifestyle 100% healthy, would it ever be possible for him to run a low dose test only cycle, or with his medical history would he never in his life be able to run any test?

thanks again I'm sorry for forgetting to include the most important part I have had a lot going on and have had little to no sleep, many thanks in advance.


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I think you are asking a question impossible for anybody to answer.

Regarding the gym performance, no doubt taking testosterone would be a game changer - no matter what his natural levels are right now. And at 51 likely a sexual and other life matters game changer. It would be great. To get more insight on that he should have his levels tested, LCMS testosterone plus sensitive estrogen, do it first thing in the morning. That might shed some light on gym issues.

Regarding the aneurysm and possible other artery defect, nobody can say what might happen. Getting fit might be the best thing, or might be fatal. So he's going to have to make his own mind up about that. I think any doctor would say don't do heavy weights.

Then there is the issue of other drugs. Ones that come to mind are cholesterol reducers and anxiety meds. It would be my plan to get off both of those and stay off.


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I just agree with ^^^^^^^ and add that I knew a family member who was prone to addiction as well as drinking and the use of steroids led to a constant desire and attempt to run higher doses. Basically if/when the TRT doses start increasing anything there is a possibility the dosage will be wanted increased or actually increased if he has the gear. The example I used actually snuck out of tue house and injected doses out of schedule and above dosage.