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What is actually the right way to use ephedrine as a fat burner? I've heard that using Ephedrine more than 3 times a week would shut down the bodys own system of burning calories. Is that true?
Also....should I use it while I'm lifting or doing cardio?
Ephedrine, when used correctly with caffeine and aspirin (ECA), works well when you follow a proper low fat diet and exercise plan. Too many individuals assume that using ECA alone will promote fat loss. I found that it worked well for me when I used it prior to either workouts, cardio or weights.

Using ECA three times daily will not affect your body's ability of fat metabolism. That is, it will enhance your metabolism but it won't cause your metabolism to cease when used regularly. However, you should test your ability to accept ECA before using it 3 times a day. Though it is recommended, using ECA more than once a day may cause you to have side effects like insomia, jitters, etc. I, personally, cannot use it more than once a day. I work the graveyard shift at my job and have found it to be differcult to sleep after work if I use ECA more than once a day. It gets to the point that I can literally feel my heart pumping at times.

It is also important to note the ephedrine that you are using. There are several types. One type is often known as "mini thins". Those are basically called ephedrine HCL and comes in dosage of 25 mg. Because you should never use more than 75 mg. of ephedrine a day, this is the only safe type to use more than once (if you can tolerate it). The next type of ephedrine are the same size but thicker than ephedrine HCL and are often sold online. They are often in dosages of 30 mg. Lastly, there's efedrina which is larger and comes in dosages of 50 mg.

What you must know about ECA is that you should cycle the use of it. After about 6-8 weeks, you may no longer feel the affect of ECA without increasing the dosage (which is not safe).

Most importantly, before using the ECA stack I would recommend that you have a physician perform a physical check up on you. I know I may sound like some fat loss supplement commercial but, as I stated, it is important. That is because ephedrine can be extremely harmful if you suffer with high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory problems, heart problems, etc. And pregnant or nursing women are advised not to use ephedrine or ECA.
Really...not even at 3 times/ a DAY....!!??

Use seem to know your stuff though=)

Venom said:
Really...not even at 3 times/ a DAY....!!??

Use seem to know your stuff though=)


Yeah bro. I was using 75 mg. of ephedrine HCL alone since 1990. Back then, Weider used to publish in his magazines and books that it was a great pre-workout supplement. Then one morning, I went to work after a great workout and literally felt my heart beating fast as I sat at my desk to do some paperwork. I took my own pulse and felt a heartbeat of 99/minute. Not good, even for a healty person.

Then in 1995, Bill Phillips spoke highly of the ECA stack and back then, it was about to become banned by the FDA due to a few deaths caused by ephedrine HCL. So, taking Phillips advice, I purchased a shitload of ephedrine HCL and began using the ECA to cut my bodyfat. It worked like a killer drug. In a little over 4 months, I shattered 60 pounds, majority of it was bodyfat. (The shit worked so damn good that a shit-starting supervisor suggested to our Sgt. to have me tested for drugs. She got chewed out when I passed it......LOL) The directions in Phillips Supplement Reviews suggested 3 times a day. But I found myself trying to rest before work and it never happened. My brain was sleepy but my body was still pumping with energy. Not good.....LOL. So, for me, it was one a day and no more. After I would get off of work in the morning, I would take an ephedrine HCL and an aspirin with a cup of coffee as I drove to the gym. It provided enough energy for me to workout for 1 1/2-2 hours and still work another 4-5 hours at my part-time job.

Currently, ephedrine HCL is not easy to come by, even online, without showing documents of identification, birth certificate, mother's maiden name, and the color of your 1st dog (bullshit, of course). But I think it's too much to ask for such a non-drug. Fortunately, I managed to find a few sources that sells pure ephedrine (30 mg.) and efidrina (50 mg.).

Good luck with your use and by all means, be careful with it.

And in case you're wondering, if you have a job that performs random drug testing, it shouldn't show up. And believe me, I was a cop when I was using ECA stack. But to always be on the safe side, when filling out the pre-test forms, always claim to be using an ephedra type supplement. That way, they'll expect it.
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I use it every day. I really like it personally. What I am wondering is if its ok to stack it with Yohimburn DF and do I need to adjust my dosage or number of times I take it, which is currently 3 times a day.
I haven't experienced Yohimburn DF yet but I've heard some good things about it from other boards.

If ephedrine works for you 3x daily, I say go for it. Just be careful because after about 6-8 weeks, the effects won't be as efficient.

That question sounds interesting and may have to be addressed as a seperate thread that refers mostly to Yohimburn DF. Good luck, bro.
jacko said:
I use it every day. I really like it personally. What I am wondering is if its ok to stack it with Yohimburn DF and do I need to adjust my dosage or number of times I take it, which is currently 3 times a day.

The Yohimbine itself shouldn't a problem. A low dosage, it won't have much effect and like you use it directly on your skin, and especially on your fat, most of it shouldn't reach your blood, or at least it will take a longer time.

But the DF formula has caffeine. Some of it will reach your blood stream. So you might want to lower your dosage of caffeine in your ECA stack that you currently use. If you use 200, try 100 instead.

If you only use ephedrine, maybe cut down a bit on ephedrine the first time and slowly raise the dose, so you won't have any really bad surprises.