Eq ???

thats a little high, personally i think 70 is about right for 200mg 10cc. But prices on mex gear seem to be increasing, so who knows.
Yeah, is a little high bro.

Usually pay about £30 for 10ml/200mg here in the UK, but depends on what brands you opt to use
|D|R|S| said:
What is the avarage price for EQ?
Is $70.00 for a 10ml 100mg vial avarage price?

all depends on where it is coming from.

if legit:

Gym: $70- you are getting a good deal
Order prices: little high, but not incredibly horrid
|D|R|S| said:
It's from Yugo. A trusted guy. Maybe he mistyped the mg or something.

Actually i have seen eq prices quite high in Europe. They don't have the access to Mexico that we do in the states. Although i have seen some underground stuff in Europe lately.