Fatchops Bulking Diet


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I used to keep my off season diet clean but I never put on size soo now it's eat whever I see diet. I am trying to hit 230lbs by next spring or next summer. I am 200 right now but rising.

Meal 1
10 egg whites one whole
2 slices of wheat toast with some jam
2 cups of lowfat cottage cheese
1 cup of oatmeal
1 glass of FF milk

Meal 2
whey shake of 700 calories
with a coupleof oatmeal cookies
1 cup of ice cream lol

1/2 lb of lean ground beef
baked potatoe
1 tuna can

pasta and chicken
2 slices of bread

Meal 5
Arby's or some type of fast food...usually Chipotle!!!

Meal 6
Whey shake with
53 g of protein and 28gr of carbs

Meal 7 Postworkout
1200 calories shake

Meal 8
usually some chicken or
whatever I can get my hands on

meal 9 bedtime
60 gram whey with some natural peanutbutter

If I wake up in the night I usually get some cottage cheese or a peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich.

There is my diet

If you can eat all of that and not take naps then you are a tank. after i eat a bulking meal like one pound of beef and then two plates of spagetti i want to take a nap. if you eat that you will go beyond your reach of 230. good luck and happy eating
That diet should put some weight on you,it looks good!For a bulking diet,that actually looks pretty clean compred to alot of peoples "bulking" diets.
Good luck!