female/steroid question


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my girls thinking about running a Anavar (var) /clen cycle, however what would be the results of lexapro and birth control when combined with Anavar (var) and clen. Lexapro is an antidpresant by the way.
I'm currently using Anavar (var) . Love it!! I have a IU with hormome called "Mirena" and I don't have any problem so far, just started a (menstrual) cycle.
I should ask my ob but since I don't experience anything at all.......

Do some search on Anavar (var) ! But it is supposed to be the softer gear for a woman.
Winstrol and the PILL?? The two together, safe or unsafe?? What serious side effects will i get with one pill (winstrol) p/day?? And what are the side effects (male hormone stuff, like hair growth in funny places etc)