fina, eq, and possibly clen cycle help


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i m started a 10 week cycle and i am in the beginning of week 2:

150mg fina eod = 3 times a week (mon, wed, fri)
500mg eq a week

and i was think bout throwing in some clen and possibly running the eq longer.

what if any would be a good dosage of clen in pills or i am thinkin bout getting it in liquid online.

just wondering if i should plan on takin clomid post cycle and if there is anything else anyone may suggest or any advive for this rookie.

Clomid or nolva is a MUST for 10 weeks of fina. If you can get some Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) that is good too, fina shuts down most people very hard. Clen dosage varies from person to person, I am using 120 mcg/day split into two doses and it works well no sides. You may want to add some yohimbee it helps keep your body reacting to clen. T3 is always a nice combo with clen but I can't speak on that one from experience.
No doubt you need clomid.

IMO what your cycle is really missing is testosterone.

Most people use about 100-140 mcg of clen per day, it depends on the individual. I'm using 200.
Trevdog is right, your missing test for sure
Get hold of some PROP or Winstrol (winny). Prop/winny/fina/eq is the best cutting combo. It all depends on what your trying to do with this cycle.
You also are going to be needing hcg/clomid.
Do Winstrol (winny) 100mg eod or prop 100mg eod , fina at 100mg eod and bump the eq to 600 a week. good luck