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This is my next bulking/strength cycle!

wk 1-10 400 mg lfc test enath
wk 1-6 35/mg/d Dbol nap
wk 4-12 150 mg fina.eod

Post cycle wis one month of clomid and nolva.........Hope to see good gains from this combo!
I'm on a similar cycle, just a little more test and only 50mg fina ed, and i've had gains of 27 pounds thus far through 8 weeks

good luck bro
how about an update. I plan on doing this exact cycle exept for 75 mg of fina ED and 40 mg of dbol.
Oh well, I've been on this cycle now for four weeks and I love the shit out of it!!!! By week three I had to cut back on the d-bol to 35mgs a day because my back was killing me... This week on incline bench I got 315 up five times.... Never have I done that before!!!!