First cycle a short burst cycle at that thoughts on what chu guys think


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Ive did my research for about 2 months now and I've narrowed it down to where I think short burst cycles will work best for me and what I want to accomplish in the time being and it's suppose to be easy on the sides I've read a 1000 forums very informal especially from Marcus 300 about the short burst cycles and priming ive been going steady and training for about for about 2 1/2 years now and I feel like this would be the best move for me as far as bulking

Alrite so I'm 6'1(71 inches)*
BF %13-14

Week 1-5*dbol*40 mg ed
Week 1-6 test e 500mg per week
2 days after last dose of dbol 40 mg of nova ed for week 7
Week 8&9 20mg of nova ed
Week 10&11 no gear
And then rinse and repeat 2 more times


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Using a long ester like test e for a short period of time will not work like you think it will. Usually in the 4-6 week time span is when test e fully kicks in. That is when you will start to begin getting optimal gains. Why would you want to stop it then???

Your gains will be from dbol and everyone will tell you that they will come quick and go quick. Dbol is popular for a kick start on cycles to get the gains going but to just stop the dbol and test especially a long ester so quick makes no sense at all. You are still completely shutting yourself down.

This would make a little more sense if you were using test prop for 8 weeks because it is a short ester.

I can't see retaining this info after reading thousands of threads. Try reading the beginner cycle stickys. Probably the one thread you did not read at all yet.


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There's a lot of information going around with short cycles being the end of all steriods cycles...

I did shorty for my first cycle and was planning todo it for this one as well (why i'm pinning every damn day...It gets old pretty quickly..)
And nothing wrong with short cycles, at least not in theory. Get in, maximize, get out asap. Sound logic...on paper...
Sadly it doesn't really work as good in practice.
I think you suspect it yourself since you ended it with "then rinse and repeat 2 more times"

This is your first cycle anyhow, yes ?
Listen to the beginner sticky. Also drop the dbol.
(Where is hcg, ai, clomid ??)
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To OP:
Test E has a Half-Life of 10.5 Days.
And it takes any Hormone between 4 to 5 Half-Lives to reach Peak Blood Plasma Levels.

So you will either Barely just be reaching, or you won't even Reach Peak Levels.
At 42 Days.
Now do you get the Picture....................................... JP
Go back and Reread the Beginners Sticky.

Not sure exactly what you mean by Rinse and Repeat.

Rule of Thumb ~ Time On + PCT = Time Off.
This is with Bloodwork to confirm that you have No Abnormal Blood Values.


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Wow, just wow. I wonder how you could research 1,000 posts and for a couple months and come up with that.

If you want to do a short cycle, cool, go for it - but use the shortest esters you can find, i.e. Test Prop. Also learn the what's and how's of PCT'ing, because what you wrote is utter nonsense.

And short or long, time on + PCT = time off. If you ran a shorty for 6 weeks, took a week off to clear the test, and PCT'd for 4 weeks that is 11 weeks off until the next one.

Also, you don't list an AI, HCG, or using clomid in your PCT. Your plan is really quite poor, like maybe a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Your estrogen will be out of control and yo-yo up and down. The dbol combined with high estrogen will puff you up like the Michelin man, but you'd lose it all when you stop.

Your nolva won't do a thing for PCT the way you've structured it - which combined with the rinse & repeat will mean you will be 100% shutdown for long periods of time while you are doing this, so you'd face a very real risk of permanent damage.
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