First Cycle - Deca, Test & Dbol

hey can you share your blood test numbers, Free test, Total Test, E2, LH, FSH, total panel numbers would be great to show here.

I wont show everything but I can say that my blood tests are great (everything normal, no low, no high) unless my free testo levels, they are 2/20 of their natural capacity (0 is nothing, 11 is normal for my age, 20 is high natural production for my age, already did exames with my doc and he did nothing, he says my testo levels will "magical" boost)
your lucky to have a doctor who knows so much about steroids. :mexican:

Yeah .. he knows so much .. he is such a good doc .. gave me an over dosage anti inflammatory for months and fkedup my entire digestive system .. btw, I argued with him in front of my father and he told me to ask for a doc change lolz, my father was also mad to because he only does sh1t yeah no one cares ik
GP doc, TRT docs in my country ? For non healthy related ? Ahah
He would laugh at my face and kick me out of his office already did

so insurance issues are not an issue in your country? nice. if the docs around here even smell gear on your breath your premiums shot up like Trumps blood pressure when he sees a mrs Teen usa contender.