**First Cycle: Need some Help/Advice**


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Hey guys, I would like to start this thread off by stating I'm a long time lurker and have been doing research for roughly the last three years. I by no means claim to know everything about AAS/PED's and am fully open to criticism and advice, but with that being said I am not a novice and I would consider myself to be some what knowledgeable on the topic and am fully aware of all the potiential health risks of running a cycle. Now that I've gotten that out of the way let's move on to my stats and and questions.

My stats:
Age: 21
Experience: 12yrs (I would consider myself an advanced lifter)
Height: 5'8 1/2"
Weight: 174lbs
BF%: 12-13% estimated (Plan to get a dexascan soon)
Bench Max: 340lbs
Clean Max: 305lbs
Squat Max: 450lbs
Deadlift Max: 415lbs

A little background on myself, I've lifted since I was in about 3rd grade. The HS I went to was a big football school and we started learning to lift properly at a young age. Mostly extremely light weight but the concept was to learn the basics to power lifting/lifting in general at a young age so by the time we reached HS we know exactly what we were doing and could hit the ground running. Since then I have been a huge fitness fanatic, I've always set goals pushed myself extremely hard in the weightroom. Fitness, nutrition/supplementation, and how the body works has always been extremely interesting to me. Which eventually led me to researching AAS and other types of PED's. With that being said I really would like to do my first cycle but I would like some insight/advice from some of the Vets.

*Before Cycle* Like I said earlier I understand the potiental health risks of running a cycle at my age, that's why I'll be getting bloods/ physical/ dexascan to get a baseline on where I'm at. It's important to me to do this as safe as possible, health being my number one priority.

My cycle:

Sarm Triple Stack

1-8wk osta 25 mg

1-8wk s4 50 mg day split into 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg in the p.m.

1-12wk gw 20 mg day

*potientially may throw some albuterol in as well*

1-4wk Clomid 50/50/50/50
1-4wk Nolva 40/40/20/20
Potientially HcGenrate or some other natty test booster

Goals: Drop 2-4% BF while gaining 2-4lbs lean muscle if possible. Not sure if it'll be possible to gain that much muscle while cutting, but I would be extremely happy if I could just gain a little/maintain current LBM.

Now I know to some my PCT may seem a little over the top for a Sarm Cycle, but like I said health is my number one concern and I would rather be safe than sorry. I know the general consensus on the forums is that Osta and S4 cause only minor suppression but I have yet to see solid bloodwork backing these claims. Just because you don't feel like you've been supressed/potientally shutdown doesn't mean that you aren't. Now here is where I need some advice/help. Like I said my health is my number one concern, with that being said we only really know the short term effects of SARMS we don't know how these compounds will effect us long term. Which leads me to my question, what's stopping me from running a basic Test E cycle as my first cycle? I mean we have much more knowledge/studies on Test. It's FDA approved and obviously is proscribed by doctors to treat patients. There are countless studies out there proving that 500-600mgs of test can be safely taken by athletes if run properly. I for the most part would know exactly what I'd be getting into short and long term health wise if I were to run a test cycle. Test cycle would be the following...

Pre cycle: Bloods/ Physical/ Dexascan
Mid cycle: Bloods
After cycle/PCT: Bloods

Test E cycle:
1-12wks 500mgs Test E (250mg shot monday, 250mg shot thursday)
1-12wks Adex 12.5mg ED
1-12wks 500IUs HCG

*Two weeks after last Pin start PCT*

1-4wks Clomid 50/50/50/50
1-4wks Nolva 40/40/20/20

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is are SARMS really worth it? If I'm willing to supress and or potientially shut myself down wouldn't a basic Test E cycle be safer and more effective 1st cycle in the long run if run properly? Thanks in advance for the help and advice guys, I know this has been a long post.
Your cycle is a little off. You want to run hcg and ai up to pct and start pct 3 weeks after last pin. Check out a pct calculator online.

When it comes to gear, you are a novice. You've never used it before. Sure, it appears that you have done research. When it comes down to sticking that needle in whatever muscle you decide to go for the first time, you'll be a little nervous to say the least. Things you should consider.. what if it gets infected? What happens if you freak out from a little blood? What about post injection pain? What if you get an allergic reaction to the carrier oil? What about erectile disfunction? Getting caught by your parents? The list goes on and on.

So don't think because you have been reading up on first cycles that you're exactly prepared for what may come. You couls possibly get shut down for good with an unsuccessful pct. Being on trt at that age may not be attractive to some girls or guys, whatever floats your boat. Could possibly even get an injury that may end your gym career. May even fuck up your brain and cause you to basically never grow up. It's ultimately your choice...
You are 21. That means (at least in the states) you can make these big, life-changing decisions. I think the general thoughts on aas for someone under 30-ish mostly revolves around 'growth plates' and the fact that if you are healthy then you are still swimming in natural testosterone. You sound fairly well read, so you know that first pin shuts down all your natty test production so a decent percentage of the test you are injecting is just replacing what you used to make naturally. That's my thoughts on test for you. Understanding all the risks, you are old enough to decide.....

Afa SARMS, I've only very limited experience but for those that suppress, you'll need to pin test anyway. For those that don't (or mostly don't) it would be a good alternative.

Of the options you have listed, I would run one of the least suppressive SARMS, one at a time not stacked, and put more energy into your food intake. Don't get on the pin right away. At 21, You have TONS of time yet to finally take that step.

Hang with us here. Start a blog. Read and learn, not just from the experienced folks but also from the dumasses who have fuxed up and now need desperate help :-o

You have soooo much time yet ahead of you. Welcome aboard!
12.5 mg of adex on the dayleee
Is not a good idea mega crashing your e2 brahh lol
As for the sarms vs steroid debate sarms are the go man just be sure to get them from sarmsearch and tell them blakey sent you haha no they both have there place i love sarms yes they work are they as good as aas no imo both have good and bad points you just have to weigh up what works for you
As old Duffer said your 21 you have got plenty of time don't rush
Why would you want to cut at 174? Your lifts are strong, why not just keep growing?
I wouldn't touch AAS or SARMS at your age. Sure, you intellectually understand the potential risks, but at 21 I'm not sure you understand the possible realities.
There's no garuntee of recovery. There is possible infertility (are you sure you'd be all right with this?). Where you're at when you start AAS is a likely place you'll end up when you cease taking them. Gain some weight so your baseline is higher.

With your strength there's no reason to take PEDs at your age. Just get your diet in check.