First cycle..progress and what I've learned.


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Hey bros first post why not make it about my cycle like all the newbies haha.

Anyway.. some stats for you

First cycle pinning 250 test e 2x per week so 500 total
22 years old
180 lbs maybe 12% bf
Diet is good..note I'm not usually a big eater but I do 6 meals usually 1 serving of chicken, turkey meat of some sort, steak or occasionally fish..1 cup of greens and a cup off brown rice sometimes a half baked potatoe...snack in two servings of fruit..two power crunch protein bars and a greek yogurt...After work I drink a 1/2 gallon of lemon ginger water to keep bloat low(I've always been puffy even when leaning out)

Tomorrow(monday) will begin the 4th week of my cycle and i feel in some ways my body took it in quick.

I pin monday and thursday nights...always glutes...always same time.
Learned the hard way how much a delt shot sucks and that 1.5inch needle is not your shoulders friend ha...

I've been taking 0.5mg adex eod since week 2..i was prone to gyro during puberty and man is it coming on strong!

Newbie reaction but as soon as i had non-stop cold/hard/tingly nips for 6 hours I took 1mg of adex on my off day for usually taking it. Heres where it gets unique!

....That was yesterday and today I took 0.5mg twice once at 7:30AM and another at 7:30pm...BY 6:30PM I COULD TELL I WAS ALREADY REPRODUCING BREAST TISSUE AND LIBIDO WAS VERY SLIGHTLY STARTING TO FALL DOWN AGAIN. WTF is my body really that sensitive to it..

Yesterday before taking the 1mg I had no sex drive at all, couldn't get an erection and no desire to get out of bed and also very moody and really just had a shitty workout weak the whole time.

Question is will I benefit more from taking 1mg all at once just once day or is my 50/50 split an okay way of continuing? I lost 7 pounds of water after that first 1mg btw after having everyone tell me I looked puffy and all assuming I wasn't dieting. I definitely had signs of high e2 and felt much better after upping the adex but I'm curious if since it stays in your system for 50 hours(correct me if I'm wrong) eventually I might make my e2 to low?

Sorry bros bloodwork isn't an option btw..I subbed by going through 35 google pages to try and better educate myself on this.

ANY and EVERYTHING added to this is greatly appreciated..I know bloodwork is your only straight path, but I'm stuck playing doctor so please lend me your knowledge haha.

Thanks! - Anthony

EDIT: forgot to list my sups..nothing crazy here..

pre workout

tribulus- still taking on cycle should i stop? i've always responded pretty decent from trip

protein...I mix eight separate 8 ounce servings in a jug at time containing 8 scoops of protein and 2 scoops of rich pianas real food which is basically a carb powder

Rich pianas liver and organ defender

creatine hit..but i've been infrequent with this due to keeping up with bloat and flat out just forgetting to take it sometimes lol.

Last thing i forgot I plan to stay cycle for 12 wks as long as I can keep my gyno and estrogen in check..newbieee remembeR?
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More rambling..i try to keep track of my body and the way I feel the best i can..

Week 2-3 the adex must have balanced out my hormones a bit better before the test kicked in because I had slight good aggression and strength increase in the gym...slight confidence and mood boost..I'm a personal trainer and got a hard-on while working with a smoking hot client lmaooo that one scared me, luckily we stayed in the same spot for a bit has. Usually I don't get random hard-ons like that so it definitely caught me off guard.
Welcome to Ology.

We don't recommend that anyone under 25 cycle, but you've already started so...
A proper pct is critical for you if you hope for your system to recover. What will your pct consist of?
Without blood work it is impossible to advise you on your estradiol management. Why is blood work not an option?
.5 eod of Adex seems high for 500/wk. Also, throwing in 1 mg here and there..... Again, no way to know without blood work.

Good luck.
I'm in the middle of my third cycle, first one pinning test. So take my advice for what it's worth...

There is no way (IMHO) that you're able to "feel" estrogen levels changing throughout the day like that. A lot of what you're talking about is probably placebo, based on what you assume is going on. Without bloodwork, there is no smart way to advise what you should be doing.

You can get a basic blood panel done for $75 with labsmd. No doctor or insurance involved.

And yes, if you go crazy with the Adex blindly, you could definitely crash your Estogen. This isn't fun. I had a slightly elevated e2 when I did my bloods, so I increased my AI. I went too far with the increase... My joints felt like they were going to crumble like rocks and I had zero energy.
Mainly what I felt was from 7:30am the time i took my first 0.5mg adex my nips were barely sore/sensitive and breast tissue around and mainly below my nips went 7:30pm right before my next 0.5mg of adex i noticed nip soreness/sensitivity increased and some breast tissue around/below nips came back...although after my first dose of adex at 0.5mg this morning I felt fine at first but a few hours later very slight joint issues such as very light pain/discomfort and small pop sounds in knees/ I'm not going to take my second dose of adex today and see how tomorrow goes.

Regardless I didn't know I didn't need insurance for bloods and my only worry is (total newb to this) do bloods go on record because I don't want this on record obviously lol...if not I will schedule bloods for test and estradiol and whatever else you would think i need.

Thanks for the input!
Bloods through labsmd do not go in any sort of medical records. You get the results online and that's it. The $75 basic female hormone panel tests both total T and estradiol numbers. It also tests a bunch of other things you don't really need, but it's cheaper than selecting separate tests.

Arimidex has a halflife of two days... Which means it's very unlikely the nipple sensitivity has anything to do with it being 12 hours after you took a dose.

I'd say you should do normal dosing for a week (.5mg daily or EOD) and then go in for bloods. If you've been all over the place with your AI dosing leading up to the testing, you'll have no idea how to correctly adjust.
I know my descriptions are unusual i do certainly agree with you on that lol..which is what led me to read 35 google pages worth of stories, tips, hormones on cycle ect.. obviously without bloodwork I'm pretty much driving to a new location without a map. New plan is to continue 0.5 ed since 0.5eod wasn't sufficient wait a week and bloods it is. Thanks again man!
uhh small issue...found the female hormone panel on labsmd..but when going to order it says due to state law they cannot provide services to NY residents and I'm from NY...Any other options?
.5 ed is too much on 500/wk. I'm.25 eod @ 750. Everybody is different but imo .5 ed will crash e levels .
Week 5, Day 4 blood test results:

Total testosterone: 52.0 nmol/L
Average reccomended range: 8.0 - 38.0
LH: 0.2
Average reccomended range: 1.0 - 14.0
FSH: 0.2
Average reccomended range: 2.0 - 14.0

All other results where all within normal ranges, very slight change to pre tests.

In comparison to Pre tests, taken 3 weeks prior to first pin:
Total Test: 21 nmol/L (average reccomended range was 8.3 - 29.0)

Test levels have gone up 1.6x normal range