Flax Seed Oil... with lignans???

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Just got some Flax Seed Oil for my morning shakes and realized it has "WITH LIGNANS" on the bottle.

What are Lignans? And, are they good or bad? I looked them up and read something about estrogen and I'm a week away from starting my PCT. WOuld this be a bad thing, these Lignans?
Good luck flax oil, it taste like garbage, I was using olive oil until recently but switched to flax and I'm gagging on the stuff....I heard studies about flax containing estrogen but I havent found anymore material...I'm interested to know this also.
That's what has me worried because I'm starting my post cycle therapy (pct) in 1 week and don't wnt to counteract that.

I'm hoping someone with more knowledge than myself can clear this up for me.

Wow, I thought surely someone on the board would know something.

I searched it and not much came up, so I guess I'm kind of at a loss.
Lignin is a fiber which assists the effects of flax in lowering cholesterol. It will not kill you or give you bitch tits.
Ah, that's what I was looking for. Thanks aProtege.

Really quick: Why does everything I read on lignans mention them being something of an estrogen-esque compound?

Thanks again!

Phytoestrogen - A plant substance with activity similar to human estrogen.

Lignans - The type of phytoestrogen found in cereals, fruits, vegetables, and flaxseed. A weak form of estrogen, lignans act as an antiestrogen in the body by competing for estrogen receptor sites.