getting back on track........


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Fell off track the last week or so. It seems like I have no energy and my diet has been shitty. I just feel lazy and have no motivation to go to the gym or eat the right way!....This is really geting to me as I would like to compete next year. Anyone ever get in a rut like this?....I need to get out of this quick!!!

Any help appreciated
yeah...happend to me a couple of times. I always stop training an wait for the motivation to come back. But it can take a long time sometimes...
I dont think I could go without should be Ok. I just get burned out some times because of work and everything...
Just one of those things you gottam work through I guess!
On the 1st of each month I snap a pic with my webcam. I am constantly striving to improve my physique from the previous month. This is where alot of my motivation comes from. Of course I am also striving to improve strength, mental and physical.