Good AAS reference books.


I am banned!
Hi guys (& gals). Just wondering if anyone would share some good AAS books that they have been successful with. I know there is probably pretty much anything you would want to know on this site, but it's also nice to have something spelled out in order with some structure & not have to search through several different threads for a specific topic. You know... Something that has a glossary, TOC, specific chapters, etc... etc...
Maybe I'm crazy & old school, but I like to physically hold a book or reference manual in my hand & be able to pick it up & flip right to something. This is not to say I will frequent this board less as I have learned so much here & will continue to do so AND am very greatfuI for all that have contributed their wealth of knowledge.
I do have a hunch that there are a few more out there that frequent this stellar library that are like me in this sense.
Thanks in advance for your words of advice.