Anavar/Oxandrolone Trouble Sleeping- Timing 2nd Dose


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Hey Guys,

I have not been on this forum in a long time, but I remember there are many highly knowledgeable and experienced people here who share knowledge and advice. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated! Edit: Also, my apologies if I posted in the wrong section. Please let me know if this belongs somewhere else on the forums.

My question is: has anyone else had trouble sleeping on var? What time of the day did you try dosing 1st dose, 2nd dose, 3rd dose, etc? Did you adjust it and/or something else helped? Any help would be much appreciated.

My story so far:
I am currently on day 3 of my var cycle. I started low at a single dose of 25mg in the morning at ~10am since I have not been on an AAS in many years and wanted to see how my body would react. I am finding I have trouble sleeping. My normal routine is wake up at 630am and try to start falling asleep by 930pm (only succeed in falling asleep by 1030pm usually). On var, however, I feel a bit warmer at night and it is difficult to cool down.

Day 1- I could not sleep until 2am.

Day 2- I had some improvement in my sleep latency by lowering the a/c (I can not do this too much since it will annoy my wife though), using a cooling vest (vest with cold packs in it) and using a cooling mat under my sheets.

Day 3/Today- I am removing the small amount of caffeine I have out of my diet.

Day 5/Friday (not a work night for me): I am planning to up my dose 50mg. My var comes in 25mg pills, so given the t-1/2 of oxandrolone is 10.5 hours, I think dosing bid- once in the morning and once at night -is the best way to go. General consensus seems to agree.

Note: I already focus on good sleep hygiene in general such as avoiding too much water, stimulating activity at night, bright lights, etc.

Once again, any advice or links to relevant research would be much appreciated!