Gyno symptoms, first cycle help


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Hello everyone, started my first cycle on the 17th of April.
600mg of test e pw / Tuesday / Friday for 10 weeks.
The day after my first injection I started to get what I can describe as ‘menthol’ feeling nipples. I didn’t buy any AI because I can get it pretty quick over the counter if needed.
I was going to go at the weekend to buy some adex and nolva just incase but after my second injection on Friday the menthol nips decided to stop.
Still being paranoid I’ve been poking and prodding the area checking for lumps and I’ve found an area above my right nipple that’s sore if I really press quite hard. (I wouldn’t have found it otherwise, it doesn’t feel like there is a lump there)

My question is would my nipples still be burning if it was Gyno related? I’ve read that it’s normal for people to get irritated nipples for a while before your hormones settle down.

Also would it be possible for the area I found to be Gyno related so soon after the first injection?

Many thanks


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You will always need an AI with that amount of test.
And i'd suggest buying both an AI and your PCT drugs before starting a cycle.


be sure to have all yor ducks in a row and everything you need in hand before you start.


can you share your stats bro? have you planned out your pct yet? when does this cycle drop?