Has anyone done an Anavar only cycle?


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How much did you run? For how long? What brand? Results? Any sides?

I'm set for an upcoming EQ/T. Cyp. However, for my succeeding cycle I'm planning on Anavar only @ 40mg/d for 8 weeks or so.

Just curious as to your results.
I've done some anavar only cycles. 40mg a day for 8 weeks will give you some good strength and body changes.. you might even want to go up to 50mg. I ran BTG for 6 weeks at 40 mg alone and it made my body pretty hard, i lost body fat, gained atleast 20lbs on all lifts while adding reps.. had veins popping out everywhere. As for sides, I had none.. blood tests were normal, blood pressure stayed the same, no acne, nothing. My diet wasn't great due to work which really limited my gains however i kept about 90% of them.

Right now I'm doing papervar @ 50mg/d for 8 weeks, with 10-15g of creatine, high protein diet.. im on week 7 right now and my strength is through the roof. I've added 50lbs on my squat.. and kept the reps up there. When i bench I can always increase the weight without losing reps. I'm up 10lbs.. vascular, hard, strong, no sides.
I've heard good things about the recent batches of papervar.

Right now, I'm deciding whether to go with the paper or the BD Oxanabol.

optic...how does the paper compare to the BTG?