hcg duration

What exactly is the problem you are trying to resolve?

HCG is supposed to be taken during a cycle to prevent atrohpy, some take it immediately after at much higher doses.
shut down

i've been shut down almost a year and i can't figure out how to recover. i went to a doctor and explained to him that i used Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) for a couple years and the idiot gave me more testosterone which shut me down further. i'm just trying to feel normal again.. i have been taking hcg but and i feel normal but when i stop , everything shuts dowm...appreciate the help

Did you run a proper post cycle therapy (pct)? IE Nolva and/or Clomid?

lol @ more test to get you started again.
no pct

no i think i am just going to buy 1000 clomid and 50 hcg until my system recovers because i have tried everything. do you have any other recommendations ?

Are your testicles shrunken? If not then i don't think it's a good idea to run HCG.

Maybe somone with more experience can chime in here...bump for you.
if your nuts arent shrunken then u dont need hcg. u defnatly dont need 50 hcg kits.

i would say get some aromasin and novla. but i would wait for some one more qualified to chime in. im gonna see if i can find a recovery thread.
I am currently taking HCG at 300ius every 3 days with great success. I am also on TRT/HRT with 5 gram packs of AndroGel currently and am "cruising" in between cycles at 300mg Test Enan weekly as well. I have been told by my Physician and have read supporting research that high-dose usage of HCG can desensitize the Leydig Cells and actually cause Primary Hypogonadism...so you would NEVER recover and would be on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for life if you use HCG at high doses for long periods. You should be safe at 250 to 500ius every other day max for some time. No guarantee though as everyone is different. Like I stated, I have been taking 300ius every 3 days with my testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and cruising doses of Enan and just got my wife pregnant last month. My sperm count last year before HCG was absolute ZERO....so HCG definitely works even at 40 years of age like myself and during very extended cycles while technically "shut down".

The benefit to taking HCG by itself is an increase in "natural" testosterone production. But this will also keep you shut down and will not help recoevry of HPTA. It will get gonads back to proper form (size) and function. It is wise to use low-dose HCG during cycles to keep gonads functioning in the hope of quicker post-cycle recovery of HPTA.
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kind of doc

can you tell me what kind of doctor to go to that has experince with steroids and low testosterone levels ? i 've been to 3 doctors where i live and i know more about being shut down than them.. they all wanted to give me more test... any help would be appreciated...
The last thing you need is anymore test I'm no expert but this has happed to me a few times usually HCG brings it back up. This time I"m shutdown now and running HCG and then going to do Clomid/Nova. The HCG has not done the trick thus far. I ran a very very very low dose and BOOM SHUT DOWN HARD. I quit the cycle this time just want to get back up and running. No clue why that would shut me down like that.

i have a clue....i put steroids in my body for 3 years and it shut my system down..now i'm just trying to get it back to normal..none of the doctors where i live have no clue about how to treat this. i'm gonna have to drive 4 hours to miami to find a doc with a clue..does anyone know a doctor in the miami area ? what is the type of doctor i need to see...

thanks .........../..............
Swizzoled I said I have no clue why I'm shut down this time from such a low dose and not on it long by any means. I'm running HCG and then will run Clomid/Nova though like Simpllyhuge said.

Can you tell us how you running your HCG?
run the clomid or novla from the beggining. in my oppionion their is no way ur not gonna recover. i doubt u need any more than three hcg kits. take 40mg of novla and 50 mg of clomid and after like 2 months get your levels tested. theires more complicated pct's u can use aromasin, ask a mod,
endocrinologist is what you need if you are going to seek medical help. they are doctors of the hormones. they are the people that most get trt,hrt, and drugs to get you back right. now some of them will not be any help. i would look for a younger doc maybe with a little back ground in sports.

well i live in key west , florida and there isn't a doctor in sight that has experience with this. so i have been listening to those idiot doctors who put me on more testosterone- first injections then the gel which shut off anything that i had barely working. so now since i can't find a doctor , i got some hcg to take and this is even worse than the test. i haven't tried the nolva / clomid route. do i take just nolva / clomid or do i add something else to the mix..also could you guys tell me how long i should run it...

thanks for your help...........Eric , fl