Hello and Help!!


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Ditto SG!! NO DECA!! :( Have you gotten those results yet? What you need to ask for is (1)Total & Free T3 (2) TSH. In the meantime there are supps that help w/ thyroid deficiency... kelp, iodine, coconut oil (I use this) I am hypothyroid. I was told by 1 Dr that it was normal but I did not believe him so I went to another Dr and he said it was barely in the normal range and concluded with some symptoms I had that I am indeed hypo. I am not on any Synthroid @ this time because I just had more bloodwork done on Tues. I asked my Dr to increase my dose so he wanted to see where I am. I am fortunate to have found a Dr that listens to me. I told him I wanted to be @ the HIGH end of normal and he said he would do that for me so I am waiting for my results. I am in agreement w/ SG about Clen too. That may be an option after you clean up your diet. Have you written out a new plan yet? If so, can you post it here for us to critique. :)