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Hi guys,please any help would be appreciated. Im not too good with words but heres where I'm at,,I started seeing a new dr around April2017, after he ran blood work said i had low test and under active thyroid,Test levels were around 200 i think he said,& that i needed to be on testasterone Cypionate 200mg taking .5 every mon and .5 every thurs, along with Anastrozole every Monday and a compounded thyroid medication taken daily. I know nothing about testasterone and should of done my homework before just listening to him, but at the time i thought he seemed right due to my low labido issues and i always had trouble loosing weight even tho i ate pretty clean. I originally went to him bc of my herniated disc in my lower back giving me pain and effecting my life on a daily basis, i been trying everything i can besides surgery, surgery is def a last resort for me, i know too many people who had failed back surgery, anyway so thinking this testasterone would help me lose some weight and put some muscle on that it could maybe help me support my back issues better,so i decided to give this a try,the first 2-3 months i felt good my back was def doing better as well, but after 4-5 months on it is when i started to have side effects I'm not cool with, my nuts are shrinking,my right nut has pain like someone kicked me in it,this comes and goes, & every time i cum my one nut gets sucked up into my body i have to push it back down, my mood is fucked lately, I've always had anxiety issues but never this bad its causing my heart to do weird shit,like i feel like i could have a heart attack or some shit when i get pissed, i did my second round of blood work around month 4, he then tells me my test levels were too high and i need to stop for two weeks,then told me to start taking it at a lower dose, 3.5 Mondays and 3.5 Thursday now. And split the Anastrozole take half on mon&other half on thurs,, 2weeks after i stopped the test is when shit got bad, i felt anxiety and depression like i never felt before and this is when my back went to shit as well,i threw it out the worst its ever happend i was literally un able to walk or stand for 11days in bed in the worst pain of my life,i usually bounce back after 2-4days when this happens after physical therapy and rest,I'm not sure if this 2week break from the test caused this or stress at the time me and my girl were going thru some shit, but I'm finally back on my feet and back in physical therapy but i been out of work for 3weeks now,i just bought my first house with my fiancé and I'm stressing the fuck out that i may loose the house, I made an appointment to go sit with him this week so i can tell him my issues, I want to stop this test but I'm reading its not good to stop cold turkey,? My question is do these drs help you get off? What should i be asking him for to help me get off it.? And is there a way to stop taking it without getting bad side effects? or is this transition period just something everyone has to go threw when stopping? If you took the time to read this thanks


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this doc gave you nothing to avoid shutting down your own test?
thats why your balls shrunk. hcg is what you need to keep the homies happy and productive
he got you on trt for life now. time for you to find a trt doc now.
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Human chronic gonadotropin/hCG is used to keep testicles functioning and not shrink. If you had a Total Testoserone of 200ng/dL you have low testoserone.

Standard issue is
Aromatase inhibitor


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Test for well . . . Testoserone levels.

AI to keep estrogen in control.

hCG to stop shrinking testicles and ibalso helps with testosterone prpduction and lots of us report a better mind frame/sense of well being.


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Are you planning to have kids in the future? That factor can be a major decision point for coming off vs. going TRT indefinitely.

Sounds like whatever you chose, you should get some HCG right away and start taking it. It might plump your nuts back up and prevent some of the issues you are having, and if you decide to come off you will for sure need an extended run with HCG.

Regarding the back, I feel for you man. I've had a bad back for decades, and recently had a disc fused in my neck. The surgery route is not all bad, at some point it is your only choice. If you get there make sure you use a neuro surgeon, not an ortho.