help: which anti-e to get from


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750 test 24 weeks
4 weeks of 15mg/day D-Bol in the middle
4 weeks of 15 mg/day Oxandrin at the end

I have some Adex left over. Want to try something new.

Should it be Liquidex, Letrozole, Nolva? Or something else.

What works the best to combat gyno?

What do you like the best?
Drveejay11, My cholesterol is right in range and I have been getting a CBC and some other tests every 4 months (HRT) to make sure.

Natty you are the man for toughing this out! So it is between those three, Aromisin, Nolvadex and Femera.

Are all three needed?

What is the optimal anti-e protocol for my cycle? starting dosages, etc.

Thanks for the help everybody
All of these drugs are capable of preventing estrogenic effects. If you are worried about the side effects on your cholesterol levels as a result of driving your estrogen levels too low, I would strongly suggest that you

A) stick to nolvadex and clomid (which may be slightly beneficial in this regard)
B) get blood tests done if you decide to use aromasin, arimidex, or letrozole (these compounds are easily capable of driving estrogen levels too low, which can wreak havoc on your lipid profile and triglycerides)

These methods will ensure that you do not get gyno and keep your estrogen levels just in the comfortable, healthy range.
Yes JohnnyB and it seems that Adex at .5/day didnt do the job. I believe it is estrogen related.

Plus a few weeks ago I had blood work done and the estogen was high at 115 or 155, I forget.